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NEW! - M40 "Scout" Compact Kit  - $32.95 - Compared to other pocket kits, this one holds a LOT of gear. It fits in your back pocket, jacket pocket, pack, or glove box to provide extra assurance when trekking into wilderness areas. It's watertight, so also ideal for wet and wild situations.




$32.95 - All prices include expedited shipping. $40 minimum store order, US orders only



-1 Metal Cannister (used to protect kit, boil water, etc)

-1 84 x 52 Survival Blanket (doubles as tarp for shelter)

-1 Multi-Tool, 14 Function

-10 Petroleum Jelly Fire Starters

-1 Reflective Trail Marker Sheet, 2 x 3

-50 feet Spectra Line (100Lb Test)

-50 feet Nylon Line (25Lb Test)

-15 feet Steel Snare Wire, Green

-2 Nails (double as spools for line and wire)

-3 feet Electrical Tape (doubles as airtight seal on kit container) -2 Scalpel Blades

-1 Foot Duct Tape (wrapped around blanket). Use for repairs, signaling, tool making, etc. Hi-Vis yellow

-2 Lg Sewing Needles

-10 Fish Hooks, various sizes

-1 Compass, small

-1 Flashlight

-1 Strobe Marker

-1 Quart Water Bag

-1 Fresnel Lens Magnifier

-1 Signal Mirror (2"x3")

-1 Micro Trench Lighter (aluminum)

-1 Watertight/Airtight Container (aluminum)

-1 Signal Whistle


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