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Why Do I Need The Disclaimer?



In short... I now post the Disclaimer warning because I was RIPPED OFF by a sniveling little thief!


A reader sent me a link to a site and asked if it was another one of my sites because it had all the same text and pictures as mine. The site most definitely was NOT mine, but everything on it WAS mine. The owner of that site took every single thing he could scavenge from my survival pages. He copied and pasted my articles verbatim, he took my pictures, my 3D renders, and the animations. He slapped them up on his shitty little site, and pasted advertising all over the place. All of my hard work was being used for profit by a class-A douchebag. I felt like I'd been mugged! Here's what transpired...


I contacted the owner of the site who promptly ignored my request to remove the material. I then went to the host that carries his site ( 1 and 1 Internet, Inc. ) and emailed their legal department. They asked for a list of every single item that was stolen, where it was stolen from, and where it was on the offending site. A pain in my ass, but I compiled the list and copied 1 and1's legal department and their lawyer. And then... NOTHING HAPPENED. A few more emails, and they had me resend it to them... and the fun was just beginning!


 Throughout all of this, 1 and 1 Internet were a pack of raving shitbags. They did their utter best to ignore their own written policies. They attempted to delay and distract at every turn. Their own site is intentionally confusing and misleading as to how one should handle cases like this. It took weeks of back and forth, and finally threats of legal action before they would even look into the site they were hosting. I informed them on multiple occasions as to which pages were infringing upon my copyright material. By law, once they're informed of an infringement, they have to take PROMPT action.... so they simply pretended they hadn't been informed!


They had their lawyer running interference throughout the whole ordeal. Their lawyer sent me outright lies telling me that hosts aren't responsible for anything they host ( the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 says otherwise ). After multiple notifications, they finally told me that my notification was in the wrong format. I was supposed to provide it in 1 and 1's format. They sent me a link to a page on their site that would have been impossible to find otherwise which had a form stating exactly how I was supposed to notify them. Never mind that they had me jumping through hoops sending them lists before this!


It took me about a month of emails back and forth with the douchebag, his host and their lawyer before the host eventually caved in and shut it down. Any longer and I'd have had to sue the fuck out of them. I've never sued anyone, and hope I never have to, but holy crap... this one had me seeing red. Since the host shut down the stolen pages, the site's owner simply deleted them. He made a few new pages with almost nothing there. He's got no articles, no graphics, nothing... just a bunch of pasted links to Google and YouTube videos with survival info. Again, this is shit he didn't create.


The site that ripped me off was/is called outbacksurvivor.com. I don't even know the name of the fucker who owns it... the pussy hides behind his host, and doesn't have any lookup info. If anyone can enlighten me, I'd be very happy to make this guy's acquaintance! The only way to contact this guy is via proxy contact, meaning his host will forward emails to him which are sent to:  proxy174859@1and1-private-registration.com


People like this guy live by scavenging the work of others and illegally profiting from it. Worse... the hosts and advertisers help them to do it. I really don't want sweeping government control over what goes on here on the internet. If we want to keep government out of it, then we need the individual hosts ( like 1and1 ) and advertising concerns ( like Google AdSense ) to be more aware of the criminal activities they routinely aid and abet. If these folks don't smarten up and stem the lawlessness on their own, the government WILL step in... and nobody wants that!



For all of this, I send them a gigantic FUCK YOU!



Here's a great page to read before EVER considering the use of 1 and 1 internet as a registrar or host:



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