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Volume Order - 8 M40 ATV Survival Kits - See kit details below

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M40's "ATV" Wilderness Survival Kit 


I don't think I've ever crammed this much gear in this small a space before! This kit is designed specifically as a vehicle kit, but it's small enough to stuff in a jacket pocket or stash in a pack. It will fit in most water bottle or drink holders, whether on your bike, ATV, snow machine, or 4x4. Choose your paracord color for the double layer wrap... it might not look like it, but there's 50 feet of para cord there!  Black and green as shown below, or choose coyote tan or hi-vis orange.


Optionally, you can purchase the aluminum cage vehicle mount shown in the picture below to hard mount this kit to a bike or wherever you might want to have it in easy reach.



No... it doesn't come with the can of coke... but it comes with pretty much everything else!





Kit Contents





Metal Kit Canister w’ Seal


Parachute Cord, 550Lb Test (CHOOSE COLOR)


14 function Knife/Multi Tool


Ferrocerium Rod & Striker


Spectra Line, 100Lb Test


Micro Trench Lighter


Watertight Aluminum Container


Nylon Line, 15Lb Test


Green Steel Snare Wire

5 Ft

Duct Tape, Hi-Vis Yellow


Signal Whistle


High Intensity Micro Flashlights


Signal Strobes, Emergency


M40 Pocket Survival Tarp, 6' x 9'


Mylar Reflective Survival Blanket 84" x 52"


Fish Hooks, Size assortment


Needles, Lg Heavy Duty


Safety Pins, Lg Nickel Plated


Surgical Scalpel Blades, Sterile Pkg.


Bandages, 1" x 3", Sterile Wrap


m40 Water Purification Kit w' Instructions


Water Bag, Zipper Lock, 1 Qt.


M40 Petro Jelly Fire Starters


Fresnel Lens 3x Magnifier


Trail Marker, Ultra Reflective, Stick-on, 2”x3” sheet


Nails, 10D (used as Spools for line and wire)


Instruction Sheet


Item Descriptions


Kit Canister (Qty.1) – Stores the kit contents and protects it from damage. Lid has rubber seal on inside surface, and I add a few feet of electrical tape wrap to fully waterproof the kit. Canister can also be used as makeshift cook pot to boil and purify drinking water.

Parachute Cord (50 Feet)  – Standard shroud line for US military parachutes. This 550 pound test cord is '7-strand' quality line, meaning that it has 7 inner strands, unlike the cheap imitation paracord. Each inner strand is approximately 50 pound test, and the outer sheath is about 200 pound test. This makes it versatile in that you could pull out 350 feet of inner line from this 50 foot length of cord, and still have the 50 foot outer sheath. That's a LOT of cordage! YOUR CHOICE OF COLOR - Black, Green, Coyote Tan or Hi-Vis Orange

Survival Blanket – Silver Mylar - 84" x 52” (Qty.1)  – These are thinner and pack smaller than other survival blankets you may have seen. I sourced these specially for this purpose. Reflects body heat inwards to help keep you warm. Use as a signaling device, or to reflect fire heat towards you. Can also be used as a poncho, wind break or ground cloth.

Ferro Rod and Striker (qty.1) – about 3/8” diameter by 3” long striking surface. Has a molded handle with cord loop. Striker is hardened steel, and sharpened along one edge. Unit has a varnish coating to protect from oxidation. Shave this coating off one side of the rod before using. Metallurgy designed with extra magnesium so you can shave it for tinder as well as sparks. Make a small pile of shavings, then flip a spark into it to make a white hot flame.

Compass (qty.1)  – A SMALL compass, about 1” diameter and Ό” thick. Filled with mineral oil for movement dampening, and is freeze-proof.

Ultra Bright Micro Light (qty.2) – These white LED mini lights last a surprisingly long time, and put out a LOT of light for their size. I provide two of these in the kit. One of the best features on these is that they have both a squeeze activation and also an on/off switch for constant, hands-free light. When camping, I wear two of these on a cord around my neck. A quick squeeze if I need to momentarily check something. I switch one on to light the area right in front of me. I turn both on for maximum lighting when I'm walking into the woods to get firewood. In my testing these last about 24 hours each (16 hours bright, then slowly dimming for the remainder). Averaging a few hours use per night, and you'll have a couple weeks of light.

Strobe Light (qty.2) – A Multi-colored strobe light for signaling. flashes red and blue emergency colors, with white added for brightness. They can be seen from a long distance at night. In my testing, these last up to 48 hours (about 24 hours bright, then waning in brightness). That's a couple weeks signaling for several hours a night

Micro ‘Trench’ Lighter (qty.1) – Flint/fuel based refillable aluminum lighter has a screw top with a watertight/airtight gasket. These will run on pretty much any flammable liquid (gas, kerosene, Zippo fluid, Coleman fuel, lamp oil, alcohol, etc). These use standard Zippo style flints and wicks, so they might just last you a lifetime. NOTE: These come UNFILLED. If I were to add 5 cents worth of fuel, it would incur a $25 Hazardous Materials shipping charge, so you'll want to pull this item out and fill it before using the kit!

Watertight Aluminum Match/Tinder Case (qty.1)  – Store tinder, matches, medications, etc… you decide. These are great little containers for those items that absolutely MUST stay dry.

Emergency Signal Whistle (qty.1)  – A loud whistle for signaling to rescuers or trail companions should you become separated. Much more effective than yelling. Very durable construction, and has a built in pocket clip and lanyard hole.

Water Purification Kit with Dosage Instructions (qty.1) - Holds enough to purify about 70 gallons of water. Fill canteen or bottle from streams, ponds, puddles or swamps. Following the printed instructions, add drops and wait 15-20 minutes and water is safe to drink. NOTE: These come UNFILLED. If I were to add 5 cents worth of bleach, it would incur a $25 Hazardous Materials shipping charge, so you'll want to pull this item out and fill it before using the kit! You can fill and refill this dropper as needed... full instructions provided.

Braided SPECTRA Line 100Lb test - 50 Foot Spool - Stronger than Kevlar or steel, Spectra fiber is used in the latest bulletproof vests. In stores and online, you'll typically pay anywhere from 6 to 10 cents a foot. It's normally only available in big spools costing from $50 up to $200 or more. Use it as primary cordage for shelters, bow strings, lashing, fishing, or anywhere else you need extremely tough cord. Spooled on a 10D nail, which is also useful for shelters and tools!

Steel Snare/trip Wire – (15 Foot Spool) - Annealed steel wire at the perfect hardness for making small game snares. Also use for trip lines, repairing/making gear, etc. Approximately 15’ spooled around a 10D nail. The nail is also useful for shelters, spear tips, etc.

Petroleum Jelly Fire Starters (10) – These light very well with a spark from the Ferrocerium rod, and each will burn for several minutes allowing you to easily start a fire, even in somewhat poor conditions. They come tightly packed in a small resealable zip bag. The petroleum jelly is also useful for treating chapped lips, dry skin and small wounds.

Signal Mirror, 2" x 3", Acrylic (Qty.1) - Small acrylic signal mirror with sighting hole for aiming. Use the sun to signal faraway search and rescue personnel and aircraft.

Fresnel Lens Magnifier (Qty.1)  - Credit card size. Used to start fires or close up inspection. A solar powered lighter that NEVER runs out.

Duct Tape, Hi-Vis Yellow (5Foot Spool) – This is quality 3M/Scotch brand duct tape in Hi-visibility yellow. Ultra sticky, perfect for repairs, signaling and for marking trail.

Spooled on a 10D nail, which is also useful for shelters and tools!

Ultra-reflective ‘Cat-eye’ Trail Marker, Adhesive, 3"x2" Piece - This is the same glass bead impregnated material used in street signs and other 'retro-reflective' safety gear. When cut into quarter inch squares, this yields almost a hundred stick-on trail markers. Using the mini lights, these can be seen from 50 yards. The brighter the light, the greater the distance and visibility. Placing these at 50 yard intervals, you can mark about 3 miles of trail. If you decide to leave camp, you can leave a trail for search and rescue. Use these to tape notes in conspicuous places for rescuers. Makes your notes visible from a LONG way off.

Spool,  15 Lb test Nylon Line – approx. 100 feet - Used for fishing, sewing, shelter bindings, etc.

Scalpel Blades (qty.2) – Sharp, sharp, sharp! These can be lashed to a small twig for use in skinning, gutting, cleaning, etc, and they also serve as formidable arrow/spear tips.

Safety Pins, XLG, (Qty.3) - these are large (2 inch) nickel plated safety pins. Great for fast emergency repair of tears to jackets, clothing and other gear.

Needles, LG, (Qty.2) - These are large, thick needles with big eyes. You wouldn't want to attempt fine embroidery with these, but I spec'd them big enough to be threaded and used with cold hands.

Fish Hook Assortment – Qty 10 - Various Sizes – Can be used individually, but I recommend using most or all of these at once along a single line (see Absentee Fishing).

Zipper Lock Water Bag (1Qt) - Use for storing, transporting. or purifying water with the Water Kit. Also used as a dry bag for your personal items (cell phones, GPS, etc).



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