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      The best wilderness survival gear on the market!

Backyard campers and Rambo wannabe's... go buy a Bear Grylls kit. When you get serious about your wilderness activities... come see my gear. Hikers, mountain bikers, cross country skiers, ATV'ers, off-roaders, and others whose activities carry them far and wide... discriminating outdoorsmen opt for quality gear.

For starters... I DO NOT SELL KHUKRIS !!   I get multiple requests each week to sell modified khukris from those who do not have access to a metal shop, power tools and the like. I made a choice a long time ago to not sell anything on my site. Don't think I haven't considered it... the site has grown over the past 2 years from a small hobby to a very big deal (almost a million hits a month). I get requests on a regular basis to sell advertising space, blades, survival kits and the like. The day I start selling stuff, I'd have to quit my day job and become a one-man online store. I like my day job, so I don't think I'll be doing that anytime soon.

Another reason is that the work that it takes to modify one khukri is considerable and the price that I'd have to charge for that time is also considerable. My modified khukri is more comfortable and better looking than the original, but I'm not sure it's worth the cost you'd incur to buy one from me. For your money, I'd recommend any of the decent khukri blades out there. There's also a lot of junk, so I've decided to put up this page to hopefully give some folks a steer in the right direction. I hope this also avoids the constant email requests for modified khukris.

I've done some evaluations of commercial kukri blades (which require no modifications). Many of the commercial companies produce some fine blades at prices better than what I could offer.


Becker Brute - Again, I'll give a thumbs up to the Becker Brute. It's not quite a Kukri, but it's close, and it PERFORMS. I've chopped a mile of trail with one, and a couple strops on my belt later I still had a shaving edge. At about $80, it's a great deal. There are a few other large Becker fixed blades, and they look to be just as tough (including the Becker patrol machete). They run in the $50-$60 range, but the sheaths may be a bit lacking. Some of these would be good candidates to re-sheath with Kydex. As such, Becker blades get my thumbs up every time (SEE MY BRUTE REVIEW HERE)

Blackjack Kukri Models - AVOID - Blackjack Kukri II and Blackjack Safari Kit - These run $100 to over $200, which looks to be a bit pricy for a blade that's not much more than 1/8" thick, and in stainless. The Cold Steel models look to be the better deal in the $100 category.

Cold Steel Kukri models

Cold Steel Kukri - more than 1/4" thick, nice blade for about $100.  (NOTE: I OWN AND USE THIS BLADE)
Cold Steel Light Kukri - 1/8" thick. More a machete style for those who prefer a quicker or lighter blade. About $85
Cold Steel LTC Kukri - 1/8" blade like the light kukri, but a wider blade for extra weight. About $85

PS - Cold Steel also produces a VERY cheap Kukri Machete (about $12). See how much abuse this $12 blade can take

Ka-bar Kukri Models - These are typically around $40. From what I've seen they aren't bad for the money. Not the thickest blades (about 1/8"), but carbon steel and an over-molded handle. I haven't beaten one up, but I've examined one, and first impression is that they look to be a really decent deal for the money.

Ontario Kukri Models - Ontario Knives SP2502 (Spec Plus Survival Kukri) - For about $50, this is a VERY NICE BLADE. I OWN THIS BLADE, and it's a hell of a chopper. Definitely worth every penny. I'd expect nothing less from Ontario... in fact, pretty much anything in the Ontario lineup will get you a decent blade that will take a lot of abuse for a fair price!

By the way, the RTAK is another great blade offering from Ontario at about $90... SEE THE ONTARIO RTAK REVIEW HERE

Smith & Wesson Kukri Models - AVOID - Smith & Wesson "Bush Hog" Kukri - The Bush Hog is 440C stainless... NOT a suitable alloy for a blade this size. My advice is to AVOID ALL Smith & Wesson blades. This company is shamefully putting the good name they made for themselves in the gun industry on cheap piece of shit blades made in China. I've had a couple friends buy S&W blades. One (a pocket knife) fell apart within a day, and the other (fixed blade) failed miserably the first time it was put to strenuous use. So much for the old "insured by Smith and Wesson" maxim.

Smith & Wesson advertise their knives for hard-duty use by military, police, outdoorsmen and other professionals. If you're a professional and plan to use a blade for any strenuous activities, I'd shop elsewhere.

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