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I've had a LOT of great responses from my cusotmers on both my Slimline Survival Blades (SSB's) and on my spear heads.

I've also had suggestions and "wish lists" for my blades. Here are the questions and suggestions I get the most...

- Can you make something like the SSB. but in stainless, so I don't have to worry about it rusting?
- Can you make a sort of "hybrid" SSB/Spear Head, so I can carry just the one tool and use it both ways?
- Can you make the SSB/Spear Head fit in the cook pot so I can stash it in my kit?
- Can you provide the SSB with a cord wrapped handle?

Well... on all counts...
your wish is my command!

Here is my new stainless-cord-wrapped-hybrid SSB/Spear Head-that fits in your kit!

Sharp as a razor, and it won't rust up in marine usage or in long term storage.

Unwrap the handle and you have about 15 feet of Spectra line (60Lb test).

Unwrapping the handle reveals the 4 cut notches designed to make it easy to fasten to a spear shaft.

Designed to be as large as possible, yet still able to fit in the cook pot of your kit!

The Hybrid Spear blades are about 3.5" long and about 6" overall length. As with the SSB and Spear heads, I hand make every blade to order, so there may be minor differences blade to blade.

 - Hybrid Blade - $19.95  - LIMITED TIME OFFER! - Get a FREE Hybrid Blade with any order over $100 (Not sure how long I can offer this... we'll see how long my stainless steel stock lasts!) - NOT TO BE COMBINED WITH OTHER OFFERS.

  Select "Hybrid blade" to purchase, or "FREE Hybrid" if your order totals $100 or more!
  NOTE: $40 minimum order policy. All prices include free expedited US shipping. US orders only... no overseas!