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 M40's 'Bowkri'


      The best wilderness survival gear on the market!

Backyard campers and Rambo wannabe's... go buy a Bear Grylls kit. When you get serious about your wilderness activities... come see my gear. Hikers, mountain bikers, cross country skiers, ATV'ers, off-roaders, and others whose activities carry them far and wide... discriminating outdoorsmen opt for quality gear.

Iíve started a new project, and itís a cross between a bowie and a khukri... a "Bowkri". 

I did the original design in CAD. Here's the overall dimensions (about 15 x 3 inches).

I had a bunch of blanks laser cut from ľĒ thick 6150 spring steel (essentially the same stuff as the leaf springs in a truck).

Hereís a rough ground blade next to a blank:

Here's some quick videos I took of the grinding process:

VIDEO 1: Rough Grinding a Blank - A 36 grit belt throwing a good shower of sparks.

VIDEO 2: Finishing up the Rough Grind - A couple hours into the grind, and it's shaping up nice.

VIDEO 3: Final Smoothing - Now it's starting to look like a blade!

If you're wondering what that little "hook" is used for, you've apparently never been in the life or death wilderness dilemma of not being able to open your beer.

I did a differential heat treating to give me an extremely hard cutting edge, but retain the spring toughness along the spine. I did an inch or so at a time, and each area saw multiple quick trips to austenitic followed by quench.

After heat treating, I went to finer and finer belts, and finally a buffing wheel with jewelerís rouge to bring out a nice mirror finish.

Check back... I'll hopefully be adding some final finishing videos soon showing the buffing process to bring out a mirror finish.

Hereís a nearly complete blade next to another khukri Iíve been working on. As you can see, the khukriís can polish up nicely with some effort!

Finally, Iíve been trying a few different techniques for doing custom acid etchings on my blades. Here's a flame and logo pattern I Photoshopped to test my etching process:

Here's a blade, masked in vinyl sheet and ready for the ferric chloride bath:

The end results!



I'll be adding handles and sheaths real soon, so check back for more pics and videos including some abusive and downright destructive testing!





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