Presenting... THE ASSHOLE FILES!!

Zerowater Assholes

    Zerowater is a company that has just jumped into the water filter market. I saw their television commercial and was immediately suspicious, because the filter comes with a tester, yet the commercial failed to mention what this unspecified "tester" was measuring. I had to search their website, and get into the fine print to figure it out. Even then, all it mentioned was that this was a "TDS" tester (not something your average person would recognize and understand). This reeks of deceit, and is designed to mask the potential health problems that will result from the use of this filter.

I recently sent the email shown below to the folks at this unscrupulous company.

Dear Sir/Maam,

   Your Television commercial failed to say what your tester was measuring. I had to read the fine print on your website just to figure this out. Even in fine print, "TDS" was all that was mentioned. I can only assume that you are referring to "Total Dissolved Solids".
Total Dissolved Solids are not only an inaccurate means of testing water safety and purity, but are actually a deceitful marketing tactic on your part.

Much of the "TDS" that your filter removes are actually the minerals that the human body NEEDS. Mineral depletion is a harmful condition that will lead to severe health problems in those who use your filter. Your filtered water will actually remove minerals that the body has acquired from other foods and liquids. The bodily depletion of essential minerals, including iron, selenium, magnesium, calcium and essential salts are known to cause many health problems. That is the reason why distilled water is used in humidifiers and irons, but is not meant for actual daily consumption.

   I will consider this email to be fair warning, and will maintain a copy in my records. I am also posting this letter on my website at the following address: