Presenting... THE ASSHOLE FILES!! SUCKS !!


WARNING: Do NOT buy from ,, ,, or . These are all owned and operated by the same jerks, and are run out of a dilapidated storefront in the Bronx, NY. They should be shut down by the BBB. I receive COUNTLESS emails from folks they have RIPPED OFF. It's not just my site... look around, they have had more bad write-ups than you can imagine. They have repeatedly LIED, STOLEN, and DECEIVED at every turn. Many folks report bait-and-switch tactics, used merchandise being sold as new, etc.  They do NOT honor the warranties they offer, (and perhaps the scariest thing)  HYPE AUDIO IS NOT AN AUTHORIZED DEALER for the electronics they sell. What this means is that when you go to the manufacturer for help, they won’t honor any warranties either !!! Simply put… buy it from Hype Audio, and you’re on your own.

If you have had a bad experience with any of these entities, please let me know, and I WILL POST IT HERE!!!


HYPE AUDIO ( ,, ,, or )

1643 McDonald Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11230

Principal: Jack Heffner, Owner

Phone Number: (888) 766-4442

Additional Phone Numbers: (718) 787-0817,  (718) 645-7809,  (888) 477-0011

Fax Number: (718) 645-7809

Website(s): ,,

Type of Business: Photographic and Consumer Electronics -Retail

Better Business Bureau Status: Based on BBB files, these businesses have an unsatisfactory record with the Bureau.

AKA: This firm also does business under the following names. This is not necessarily a complete list.

  1. ·         Heffco Technologies, Inc.

  2. ·

  3. ·         Let's Go Digital (Brooklyn)

  4. ·  

  5. ·   

  6. ·         Ideal Audio Video 


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I wish l would have seen this post sooner I never would have purchased anything from this "store" if that's what you can call it.

My in-laws were visiting me in Texas. They take an assload of pix when they vacation so I talked them into a digital camera. So we shop online and find this good priced Pentax. So my father-in-law gives me his credit card number and tells me to order it. Fuckin LGD. They send me this email saying it will ship in 2-3 days. Well now it's 8 days later and still no tracking number. I've emailed them several times and even tried to phone them but I'm getting nothing. My inlaws leave in a few days and they are getting anxious over this camera. I've bought a bunch of stuff already online and this by far has been my worst experience. I guess next time I will buy from "trusted" stores not fly by night, shady as shit operations like LGD or whatever they call themselves now.



What really awesome assholes at Lets go Digital.
My suggestion to anyone wanting to order or even considering ordering
from this so called company is, slam your hand in the car door first, it
will be the most enjoyable thing about the transaction.
 Lies Lies Lies
I placed an order for 4 Filters for my 35mm camera.(July 7th)
Supposedly they were to ship in 2 to 3 days and were in stock.
After 4 days I emailed for a tracking number.(July 11th)
No response to my e-mail, So I called.(July 15th)
I was told they shipped on the 8th, but they had no tracking number.
they said to wait till the next monday and they should be here.
 I received an e-mail stating that they were out of stock till the 29th.(July 17th)
I wrote them again and also called them and cancelled
the order, and requested a full refund, including shipping.
They agreed to refund the full amount.(July 18th)
I purchased the filters locally, (I really needed them a week prior)
I then received an e-mail from Lets Go Digital, stating they will ship
in 2 to 3 days.(July 19th)
 I again wrote Three e-mails to them explaining that they were cancelled,
and not to ship them.(July 19th)
 I called the next morning, (just got off the phone) (July 20th) and someone named Paul
told me they shipped already, I told him I had cancelled the order two days prior
and just wanted my refund.
 He claimed I never called or wrote them, and it was too late as they were on their way.
So no matter how good the deal sounds, Never even consider ordering from these Jerks.
All you will get is lied too and lied to and lied to, and probably ripped off.
I doubt I will receive my order, but if I do I would never ever use them.
 I will count it as lucky to have gotten anything from them and sell them on e-bay
to try to recoup my losses.
 How can a company like this continue to exist, anyone starting a Class action lawsuit
please let me know, I will gladly add my name to it.