Presenting... THE ASSHOLE FILES!! SUCKS !!

WARNING: Do NOT buy from Hype Audio – (Online store at

 I have had a BAD experience with them, but look around online… I am NOT the only one. They have had more bad write-ups than you can imagine. They have repeatedly LIED, STOLEN, and DECEIVED at every turn. Many folks report bait-and-switch tactics, used merchandise being sold as new, etc.  They do NOT honor the warranties they offer, (and perhaps the scariest thing)  HYPE AUDIO IS NOT AN AUTHORIZED DEALER for the electronics they sell. What this means is that when you go to the manufacturer for help, they won’t honor any warranties either !!! Simply put… buy it from Hype Audio, and you’re on your own.

Here is my experience (which is MINOR compared to all the ones that folks have written to me about (scroll down for many more stories)

         I ordered multiple items from these clowns for Christmas presents. The fucking pricks assured me that the items were all in stock, and that they could ship same day from their store in NY. They said no expedited shipment was necessary, as these were only going from NY to MA. Almost a week later, I received a tracking number…. The items had JUST SHIPPED… from ARIZONA… with a scheduled delivery of December 28th !!  So much for Christmas. I called their customer “service”, and got nothing but a boatload of attitude. Well… they didn’t know who they were dealing with. I do not lay down and take this type of crap. I have made it one of my personal goals to send a big old web-style FUCK OFF to them. It’s not often that a company pisses me off enough to dedicate a page to bashing them, but here we are.

If you have had a bad experience with HypeAudio, please let me know, and I WILL POST IT HERE!!!


HYPE AUDIO ( )   1643 McDonald Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11230

Principal: Jack Heffner, Owner    Phone Number: (888) 766-4442   Additional Phone Numbers: (718) 787-0817,  (718) 645-7809,  (888) 477-0011   Fax Number: (718) 645-7809

Website(s): ,,

Type of Business: Photographic and Consumer Electronics -Retail

Better Business Bureau Status:Based on BBB files, this business has an unsatisfactory record with the Bureau.”

AKA: This firm also does business under the following names. This is not necessarily a complete list.

  1. ·         Heffco Technologies, Inc.

  2. ·

  3. ·         Let's Go Digital (Brooklyn)

  4. ·  

  5. ·   

  6. ·         Ideal Audio Video 

   - By the way, ALL of these operate out of a tiny, run-down storefront in Brooklyn.


I've received A LOT of feedback on this page!  Some of it is posted below. I will not provide names unless someone needs to contact these folks, and they give their okay!

Here's a good story about Hype's business dealings from Doug (I put this one on a different page as this one's getting pretty full!!)

Here's one from Gary about Ideal AV (one of Hype's aliases).



Dear co victim of these crooks.

As I have already sent you an e mail this morning, I would like to get in touch with two of your friends who did put review about their mishaps with the co called hype Audio, me with Howard Pierce Direct , the telephone numbers return addresses and the people names they have encountered are the same as I have in Howard Pierce Direct so it is the same F... company. I will really be very glad if we can get together and do something about the issue. These guys are not only doing these activities in NY or NJ they are open to all the states with the Internet, so there is a case her and logically a federal case.

But of course as you know this company is owned by an attorney so I don't know how we can fight them back, One thing for sure if we get together we can open a class suit to them.

The persons I would like to notify for getting together is E and J Feedback owners

I hope to hear from you


(  NOTE: If you are interested in joining RA in his action against Howard Pierce Direct, Hype Audio, et al, please send your contact information to M40 and I will forward it to RA directly )



Please add this to your list of asshole files. The first thing I would like to say is, this company should be put out of bussiness, period. I was stupid enough to place an order for a receiver with them two weeks ago and I have yet to receive it. When I called their customer service last week to find out the whereabouts of my order, I was lied to repeatedly. First I was told it had shipped. The second time I was told it had not shipped. When I called back to cancel the order, I was told by yet a different person that I couldn't cancel order because it was already shipped. These fuck-wads kept lying to me. Any further attempt to contact them to cancel the order resulted in them hanging up on me repeatedly.

To this day, I can't get a hold of them and what eats the cake is that they have already charged my credit card on the day I placed the order even though it was stated on their disclaimer that they won't do this unless order was already shipped. I have contacted my credit card company to dispute this. They won't get a cent from me. They should be exposed and put out of business.


Worst company I have ever dealt with.I ordered a portable TV and paid 2nd day air. (mind you its not a backorder it is in stock). I placed the order over 3 weeks ago and have yet to receive it. I called customer service and not only were they completely rude but they didn’t even apologize for their mistake. They have also not refunded the over $25 I had to pay to 2nd day air it. They change prices and refuse to answer calls or emails. Their return policy is also completely crazy so you have to really read the fine print. I would not recommend this company to anyone-this is for your sake.


Please update your site to add another alias for Hype Audio - “Ideal Audio Video”. I found these guys on Cnet, thinking they must be legit for Cnet to list them. WRONG. I have now spent a week trying to get a tracking number with a new explanation every day.

I wish I would have found your website when I did my search for info on Ideal Audio Video, but crooks like these just keep changing their name. Lucky for me one of their service reps (who actually answered the phone when I called) told me Ideal Audio Video was owned by LGD Superstore.  That’s when I found your site. I am canceling my order right now!!!!               -John

M40's response:  Thanks John, I've added "Ideal" to the list of aliases that Hype operates under.


Hi,  I also had a bad experience.  I'm trying to contact people who might be interested in pursuing their complaints a bit further.  I've been in contact with the Brooklyn Attorney General's office, 7 on your side, and the BBB of NY.  The more people that file complaints the better.

Please let me know if you are interested.
Thanks!   -E.......


Dear M40,

I purchased a TV from Hype Audio and it came shattered and I am having a hard time getting it resolved. Any suggestions?



Hi, I also have had a terrible experience, and am now heading towards a lawsuit with them.

We purchased a Sony XBR 70 in. from them after coming up on All seemed well until we got the TV. When we set the tv up on our stand we noticed the base of the tv was all bent up.

Make a long story short Doniel Brooks at customer service basically told me this was not their problem "because they are an internet store and they do not provide that level of service". I'm sorry, I don't remember it being legal to sell a damaged tv as a perfectly good new one and then claiming no liability for it- They told me I had to get Sony Warranty to repair it-Sony won't touch it as a warranty job since it is clearly damaged.

After many very rude conversations with mr. Doniel Brooks, he basically told me I was stupid and wasn't being stern enough with Sony to get them to fix it.

I told them that they are liable and should send me a different tv-they now claim they are taking it up with the shipping insurance but will take 8-10 weeks for any information and is not sure they will do anything either. Basically I paid for a good tv and got a damaged one.

I have contaced an attorney friend who deals in this and am hoping to get some resolution-although it has practicall y become a full time job- I guess the figure most people will give up putting up with so much shit-However, I like you am not!!!

Please post this so others aren't put thru this torture!!

Sincerely,    -A & T  


I received the same bull shit response from them when they delivered my gift late as well.

I ordered a gift for Christmas this year and even paid for Airmail Next Day Delivery.  This was extremely crucial because my boyfriend was leaving the day after it was supposed to arrive.

I called there to make sure it was sent out and a girl named Erica assured me that it had left on time.

I called back two more times to make sure and once again they said it was "in route".

By Monday, there was no package and when I called there I spoke to an asshole named Daniel Brooks.  He informed that he wasn't responsible for anything anyone told me and that when they said "in route" it
meant that it was in the warehouse getting ready to leave.

Meanwhile the gift was sitting in California while my boyfriend was in Chicago without it.

I am writing letters to the BBB and through my attorney so if you would like to get your name on this as a contact I would be happy to add you.

So Pissed,    - J....


I ordered a camera from hypaudio in early December.  It came in a timely fashion.  It works o.k.  No problem.  That was from  So far, so good.  A couple of weeks go by when I get this e-mail from Let's Go Digital saying my order is on the way.  I delete the e-mail thinking it is spam.  I had never heard of Let's Go Digital.  Besides I had not ordered anything from anybody recently.  Of course, most of you know that Heffco Technologies does business under about six names.  Anyway, Let's Go Digital sends me this stuff that I did not order.  They charge my credit card.  I call them up on the phone and they admit that they got me mixed me up with some other customer, they promise to give me a RA, back and forth we go...we sent you the RA, maybe your spam filter caught it, except my spam filter was disabled.  So much for that lame excuse.  No RA.  I took my dispute for $90 to Discover Card.  Those pricks at Discover Card ruled against me.  At this point I am out $90.  I may never shop on the internet again.  If I do it will be from Best Buy, Circuit City and know the reputable companies. 

 I really felt that I have been screwed both by HypAudio/Let's Go Digital/etc. and Discover Card.


Hi there,

Well, I just got through my experience with Hype Audio, and you guessed it, what a fuckin joke.  This place is unbelievable. First of all, the company operates under 4 other company names, and out of Brooklyn no less.  That should have clued me in, but I must have been hung over the day I bought from them.

Anyway, I ordered my big TV thinking "what a great price. It'll ship in 2-3 days, and it's coming from NY, so I should have it in a week."  Holy crap was I wrong.

After a week of waiting for tracking info and a their website status to update, I called (on Friday).  They said it'll ship on Monday.  I called on Monday, they said it'll ship later that day, and I would get an email with tracking info within 24 hours.  I called on Tuesday and they said it had shipped, but no tracking info yet.  I called on Wednesday looking for my tracking info, and Roger, the "customer service expediter" said it the computer shows it has shipped, but wait, no tracking info was available.  He said he would call alter that day, but I knew better, so I called him back.  Guess what, the TV got up off the truck and put itself on the backorder list.

At this point in time, I had read too many bad reviews of Hype Audio, including these here asshole files, so I canceled my order.  I asked for an email confirmation for the canceled order, but "they don't do that."  Bull.  I sent an email indicating the order number, item description, who I spoke with, that I am canceling the order, and I want an email confirming.  I also faxed the same thing to their fax number and I think that was the key.  The next day I got the email confirming cancellation of the order, and 5 days later, I received my full refund, including shipping.  I couldn't believe I got the refund, and shipping... holy crap.

So, my advice to anyone who reads this.  If you buy from Hype Audio now, you're an idiot.  No, seriously, DO NOT EVEN VISIT THEIR WEBSITE, DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE ASSHOLES, DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY, TIME, EFFORT... ANYTHING.  THEY'RE CON ARTISTS AND SHADY BASTARDS!