Presenting... THE ASSHOLE FILES!!

Internet Listing Service Corp ... Fraud on a grand scale

 This is an interesting little scam that some cum-guzzling gutter slut dreamed up.

I just received an official looking piece of mail addressed to one of my sites, and directed to my attention. It was from "Internet Listing Service Corp", and contained what looked like a bill for $35. On the "bill" was the domain name, a reference number (to what, I don't know), and a notice date. It also contained a due date, and a reference that the billing was for "annual listing".

Had I been new to the whole webmaster thing, I probably would have considered this to be a bill for my site registration and paid it .... BEWARE NEWBIES!

After a little searching, I found out that this scamming prick has been kicked off of several hosts for these types of practices. Apparently thousands of people get his scam sent to them, and I shudder to think how many folks (particularly businesses) just pay the bill!  He has since moved his contact info to some bogus mail forwarding service in Amsterdam:

Registrant Contact:
william hughes (
12 damraak, amsterdam, 2123 NL

Status: Locked
Name Servers:

Second, the mail itself has a return address in Chicago:

Internet Listing Service Corp
207 East Ohio Street, Suite #324
Chicago, IL 60611

Whereas this is where the money is sent, I'd bet dimes to dollars that this address exists. My first thought was that I'd pay them a visit on my next trip to Chicago... BUT... any address that is listed as a "Suite" is usually nothing but a rented mailbox. Unless someone was willing to stake out the mailbox and follow whomever collected these fraudulently obtained funds, I don't think there's any way to catch up with these jerks.

I have also emailed his service provider along with his host and registrar. When I threatened to add them to the Asshole Files as accomplices, they responded with threats of legal action. Not the brightest bunch!


PS - There is a company with the initials ILS that is an online learning resource. They are a dot-com, not a dot-net, and are in NO WAY affiliated with the scum I describe on my site