Presenting... THE ASSHOLE FILES!!

HostR Webhosting - Aiding and Abetting Fraudulent Scumbags

   HostR Webhosting is guilty of giving aid and comfort in the form of web hosting services to "Internet Listing Service Corp". This is a company that they know is defrauding companies and individuals on a large scale. See the ILS Corp story HERE.

    I emailed HostR to notify them of this, and they sent me back a bunch of legal crap claiming that they don't condone the business practices of ILS Corp, but whereas ILS Corp operates "just within the letter of the law", they do not violate any corporate policies at HostR Webhosting, and therefore they will continue to support them.

    I informed them that if they continued to carry such a company on their servers, then I would consider them as accomplices to this type of fraudulent business practice, and would use my site to take action against their good name.

    In their response, they stated that "you can and will be held liable for damage being caused by these actions".  

    Well I'm just quaking in my fuckin boots, you dumb pricks.

    HostR Webhosting is a Dutch company, and therefore may not have heard of a little something called the First Amendment. I can write whatever opinions I please, and there's NOTHING they can do about it except to improve my opinion of them.

  -  A final message to HostR... my offer still stands. Dump ILS Corp from your servers and I'll remove you from the Asshole Files. If not, you can sit back until my site tops yours in the search engines (you can bet on that happening).

UPDATE - HostR never did respond, and now my site tops their own in the search engines when their company name is queried (as promised). The idiocy of some folks is astonishing!