Yeah baby!! The Sox finally did it, and to commemorate the occasion, I have been crunchin' some graphics.  The GIF file below may take a while to load (especially for those on dialup connections. I will say that they are probably worth the wait!  I use this one as my desktop wallpaper (to do this you MUST have either Windows 2000 or XP, as the older versions do not allow for animated gifs to be used as wallpaper).

I have also rendered some STILL SHOT RED SOX WALLPAPERS for folks with older systems.

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        As with everything else on this site, the graphics are free for the taking. They are NOT to be sold or for dissemination by any profitable venture. I am not in the "for profit" market, so I make these as a labor of love for the Sox.  To use this GIF file as wallpaper, simply do the following:


    - Wait for the gif to fully load. You will know that it is fully loaded when it ceases the jumpy frame-by-frame motion, and begins to rotate fluidly.

    - Right click on the gif, and select "Save As"

    - Select a location that you can easily find, such as "My Pictures", and save it.

    - Right click on your desktop and select "Properties" to open your Display Properties panel.

    -Select the "Desktop" tab, and then use the "Browse" button to navigate to "My Pictures" or wherever you put the GIF file.

    - Select the file, and then from the "Position" menu, choose "Center".

    - Hit "Apply" and you are done.

NOTE: This is a transparent GIF, so whatever your background color is set to will show through. If you have the default blue, the rotating letters do not show up very well. I think this looks best with a very dark or black background.


NOTE: I have moved this Red Sox gif animation to make this page load quicker. Also, web crawlers like Google, Yahoo and MSN were hitting this frequently, which was soaking up a TON of bandwidth. Finally, I found that some sites out there were using it, but not actually hosting it (ie: linked only). That means I end up soaking up the bandwidth for someone else's site. This file alone was costing me about 20 gigabytes of traffic a month! Anyhow, if you want to use it... fine, but credit me where due, and host it yourself!




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