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  To all who have commented on this page, I was an avid fan of Jay's program for years. When it comes to politics, there is nobody better, but Jay now suffers from swollen head syndrome. He delves into foreign policy, military strategies and fiscal matters (about which he is absolutely CLUELESS). Someday, if his head shrinks several sizes and he returns to politics, maybe I'll remove him from the Asshole Files, and tune back in.

An Open Letter to Jay Severin



I am a former listener who has been forced to tune you out. I am a Gulf War veteran... (Here's where you'd typically say. "Thank you", and act all reverent). The problem I have is that you ACT reverent, and then proceed to deliver a big, verbal "Fuck you" to me and everyone else who ever served and to those who are serving now. I don't know if you even mean to, but every time you open your mouth, I feel like I’ve been gut-punched. You are following the Liberal mantra to a tee… right out of the Pinko Playbook, “We LOVE the soldiers… that’s why we want them home”. Liberals use this tactic because they realized it was rather uncouth and somewhat unpopular to spit directly on the soldiers as they stepped off the plane. Frankly, I’d prefer the spit. I can wipe spit off and punch the fucker who did it. YOU sit in a studio, and bad-mouth everything that these soldiers believe in, all they are doing, and everything they have fought and died for.

            Your spiel on the war is that we shouldn't be there, that we have no business there, that we're LOSING. Your prattle on this subject is as wrong as your presumption that the Iraqi people wouldn’t vote (and that they weren’t capable of understanding the concept of freedom).  Hell… you’re as wrong as you were about the presidential election (were you listening to the same granola-heads that are “informing” you about the war?).

I’m going to make my case for this war using 7 short, simple statements, and I’ll be sure to use small words so the bong-headed, Birkenstock Bolsheviks out there can understand …

  1. -         The attacks on 9/11 hit WAY too close to home.

  2. -          As a result, we’ve WISELY decided to play this war as an AWAY game.

  3. -          Iraq shares borders with Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Syria, (and is not far from quite a few other anti-American “hotspots” I can mention).

  4. -          Flea-infested, shit-bag terrorist types are FLOODING across ALL of Iraq’s borders every day to wage war against the “infidels”…

  5. -          Mean-ass motherfucker MARINES are waiting there to send them DIRECTLY TO ALLAH in large numbers.

  6. -          Marines are killing zipperhead terrorist assholes at a ratio of about 100:1 (100 dead fucknuts to every Marine that dies).

  7. -          Marines inherently understand that 100:1 is a MUCH better ratio than 3500 Americans to 19 hijackers.

        NOBODY wants dead Marines, BUT... every Marine in Iraq inherently understands what YOU can’t seem to grasp. They know that it is better when those willing to take up arms against America have a far-away place to do it, and it is FAR better that they face hardcore MARINES. Marines  realize that those they face mean SERIOUS harm to America and its citizenry. Any Marine will tell you that it is the mission of EVERY Marine to rid the world of this type of vermin.

Jay... YOU do worse damage to the morale and sensibilities of these brave souls than any dumb-ass hippy EVER did. My recommendation is that you shut your fat trap about this subject. It is something that you will NEVER understand. You and your ilk will NEVER know what it’s like to risk it all… NOT for god... NOT for the flag... NOT for a pack of politicians… but for the very IDEA that is called America, and for the very concept of FREEDOM. 



 PS - I hope a Marine steps on your neck and pisses on you... that way you can at least SMELL like a man.