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This is a new section dedicated to keeping folks abreast of the latest updates to my site. I get a lot of emails and submissions asking for things that I've either already added or that I'm working on, so I've decided to use this page to tell you what's new, what's in the works, and to ask for your suggestions on what else I need to add.

M40's Wilderness Survival Chat Room - BRAND NEW -

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- NEW - SURVIVAL QUIZ - Think you're getting the hang of this? Take the quiz and find out.

M40's TEN CENT Survival Knife! - See how it's easily made in just a few minutes.

M40 Reviews a Decent Little Survival Kit - Ranger Rick's Survival Necklace... this is an unquestionable deal!!!

M40's RANGE PAGES - Pages Dedicated to the Shooting Sports

HISTORY OF SURVIVAL - A Historical Update to the Survival Primer

M40's MAILING LIST - By popular demand - Stay updated on new pages as I add them!

SKINNING AND GUTTING YOUR KILL - You asked for it... well, you got it!

SURVIVAL FISHING - A few good techniques for trapping fish.

SURVIVORMAN - Many of you have asked me for my take on this TV series.


 - More Shelters!

 - More fire making techniques!

 - More water procurement skills!

 - More snares and traps!

 - More tips and woodsman tricks!

You can't always get what you want.

But if you have a good suggestion.

You just might find... you get the page you need.

Feel free to send me your suggestions, tips and advice via email or simply use the suggestion box below to submit your ideas directly.