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This page is woefully incomplete as yet, but it's a start for those looking to browse the Glock aftermarket, action shooting sites and other gun related sites. More to come!


The Glock Aftermarket


25 Cent Glock trigger job

Advantage Tactical Sights

Atlantis Arms (Check out their Glock showcase)

Brownell's-Misc Glock Goodies

CCF RaceFrames - Aluminum, SS and Titanium Frames for Glock

Command Arms - Accessory Rail for Gen1 Glocks - (Slide Milling, etc)

Dremeling the GLOCK (courtesy of Front Sight magazine)

Glock Animation

Glock Trigger Job

Goshen HexSite

High Gear Race Guns

ISMI Gun Springs

Lone Wolf Distributors Inc

Major Nyne Guns (M9)

Miami Glock

Novak's Handgunner Outlet - Glock Modifications

SureSight - An Extremely Fast and Accurate Handgun Sighting System



Other Shooting and Gear Links


AIM Surplus (ammunition)

Alco Target Company

Arntzen Targets

Botach Tactical

Bullet Energy Calculator

Cast Bullet Reference (alloy's, pressures, lubes, etc)

Chris' Winning Shooting Accessories

Dawson Precision

Julie Goloski's Site - (gunslinger BABE extraordinaire)!

Outdoor Marksman Corporation

Precision Bullets Online

Roze Distribution, Inc (Bullets and Ammunition)

Speed Shooters International

Target Barn


Must See Shooting Video's


Todd Jarrett IPSC Pistol Grip Lesson

High Speed Gun Footage

Julie Goloski's Video Archives

Rob Shepherd draws, shoots 6 poppers, mag change, & 6 more poppers... in 5.43 seconds!

Julie Goloski shoots the craziest IPSC stage I've ever seen!

M9 guns video and picture gallery