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Rapid Acquisition Sights Evaluation




   I have done a LOT of research on rapid acquisition sights. Aside from those I've personally used and evaluated, I've also spent quite a bit of time making mockups of various types (usually bits of construction paper affixed to the existing sights to simulate different setups). I've gone through many thousands of rounds on the range, and as practice, I sit in front of the TV bringing the gun up and down repeatedly, transitioning from target to target. Aside from action shooting sight practices, I also use slower, traditionally aimed sequences to evaluate what would constitute best in overall accuracy.


   There are currently 3 sight systems on the market that are worth mentioning. By "worth mentioning", I mean that they are novel, unique and innovative. That is something RARE in today's firearms and accessories. Most of the industry is busy rehashing and repackaging the hundred year old ideas of John Browning. No doubt he was a great man, but it's time to move on folks!


The three types of sights I find to be "new" and worth mentioning are:



If anyone knows of any others worth mentioning, please let me know.






Goshen Hexsite



   The Goshen sight is basically a new evolution of the "ghost-ring" style sights. Ghost rings have always been known for fast and natural alignment. Their drawback was always in the fine alignment. The Goshen attempts to attenuate the alignment by creating a hex instead of a circle. They go an extra step towards accuracy in adding a notch to the front sight.


   The Goshen is a novel concept, but I'm not sure I buy everything they claim on their website. These sights were fairly quick to acquire, but in my opinion, the aiming ability still falls short. If I were a cop, this is probably not an issue, as most hostile engagements take place inside the 7 meter mark. As an action shooter, I sometimes have to engage targets that are 4 or 5 times that far. I also disagree with the inventor's assumption that flat black is not a disadvantage in low light situations. I have shot quite a few low-light PPC matches, and the brighter the better. The final drawback is that the front sight is a small, dark bit that you are trying to find quickly. The rear sight is easily capable of obscuring it completely.



Advantage Tactical Sight


   The Advantage Tactical Sight has a pyramid concept that the eye naturally “wants” to align. It comes with different color inserts that you can swap out to your liking. I do like the ability to choose a color, but I find the rear sight to be rather large, and the front sight to be too small for my taste. The large rear sight can easily obscure the front sight when trying to gain a fast sight picture (ie: you can lose the front sight behind the rear). This sight might be better if the rear was somehow skeletonized, but even then, the front is tough to find.




  SureSight       WARNING!      RIP OFF ALERT!



     I will start by saying that I have SureSight installed on two of my Glocks. Back in 2008 or so I conversed via phone and email with the owner of this company for a time. He’s a guy named Chaim Stein and lives in California. In fact, my Glock animations (below) appear on his home page. I made these for him free of charge because I believed in the product.


   This section you are reading used to extoll the rapid acquisition properties of these sights. In short, I recommended his product to you folks (yes, I still use them).


HOWEVER… shortly after that, the complaints started hitting my inbox. There were folks who ordered sights and never got them. Their credit cards were charged and nothing was ever delivered. I got in touch with the owner and he claimed supplier issues. When I asked him why he had charged credit cards when he had nothing to ship, he claimed it must have been an error and he would look into it. After several more of these emails (including one from a close friend), I tried again to get in touch with the owner. He stopped responding to emails and his phone’s voicemail was full.


I removed the original SureSight review from this page and replaced it with this warning.


To this day I feel bad about recommending this product to those folks who got ripped off! My intentions were good and I tried to intervene on their behalf with the owner. It appears the SureSight website is still up and they are apparently still selling sights. Be aware that there is a VERY high probability of ripoff.