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Rapid Alignment Sights

   Here are my first couple of ideas for rapid alignment sights. These are just crude 3D models which I made to test theories, and give an idea of how a sight will perform. I've made quite a few mockups as well. These get mounted and tested on my Glocks.

   The main idea is to have a skeletonized rear sight, such that it becomes impossible to lose sight of the front blade. Both of these concepts accomplish that. The second objective is for the eye and brain to naturally align the two without having to think about it. Once these criteria are met, the final objective is to fabricate the sight in such a way that it is rugged enough to withstand some pounding.


Here's my latest design. It's skeletonized, and has some bright yellow inserts to make it stand out against darker backgrounds.

NOTE: It may look skinny when viewed head on, but it has some depth for strength. Viewed from the side, the metal is about 3/8" deep

More sight concepts coming soon !!!