M40's Ongoing Minesweeper Addiction

    Here are some short films of my current (documented) best times at the three levels of Minesweeper. I say documented, because I have only recently become aware of the worldwide community of Minesweeper addicts, and how they document their feats.

    The current world record is held by Lasse Nyholm Jensen (Copenhagen, Denmark) whose record of 43 seconds puts him somewhere in the vicinity of a living GOD in my book.  I just recently (2004) downloaded the accepted screen capture utility (Camtasia).

PS - If the videos will not play, you may need to install the correct codec (Downloads/TSCC.exe)


See my 76 second Expert level game here (729K)

See my 29 second Intermediate level game here (284K)

See my 6 second Beginner level game here (144K)


        For all you afficionado's out there who are just aching to tell me that I need to stop marking where not required... I know!!! I'm also quite aware of how much time I could save by increasing my accuracy, and by eliminating other time wasting areas. My screen resolution is set at 1600x1200, and my accuracy suffers badly as a result. The game is not resizable, and I'm not willing to screw up my desktop icon placement just to change it. When I add a second monitor, I'll probably make that my dedicated Minesweeper screen!  I'm working on it.  For a great page about Minesweeper and the official record-holders, see:


        Hopefully I'll be listed in the top 100 club soon! To be listed, your cumulative scores (Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert levels) must all equate to 100 or less. I'm currently at 111 cumulative (76, 29 & 6).