Some products should NEVER FAIL...

Over the years, everyone will see certain products fail. Things reach the end of their life cycle, and in most cases I will simply replace them and move on. If a cheap piece of junk made in Taiwan fails, what did you expect, right?

SOME products fail long before they should, and some should NEVER fail under normal use.

I fly the American flag on the front of my house, day and night, 365 days a year (YES, it's lit at night). I just now came home to find my flag draped across my front hedge... not a pretty sight. It was a windy day here, and my first thought was that the screw holding the pole in the bracket must have come loose, allowing the pole to fall free. Upon closer inspection, I found that the bracket had SNAPPED.

The bracket looked to be a fairly heavy duty model, made in the USA, and all cast metal. Less than a year ago, I bought it at Aubuchon hardware and put it right up. A little wind shouldn't harm it, right?  ...WRONG.

As you can see, the metal has snapped clean off. I say "clean off" as a figure of speech, but in reality this break wasn't "clean", it was an ugly jagged break that revealed the shoddy materials that went into this piece of junk. The rest of the bracket is still attached to the front of my house. Here's a closer view:

The company that made this piece of crap is called Metro Flag, and is located in Dover, NJ. They don't have a website, but I found the following contact info.

Metro Flag
47 Bassett Hwy
PO Box 1776
Dover , New Jersey
United States

Phone Number: 973-366-1776
Fax Number: 973-366-0956

When you make products that will in any way hold or touch the flag, they better be done right. To do otherwise is utter disrespect and is beyond negligence. Metro Flag ought to be ashamed of this.

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