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M40's Best of the Web

Disclaimer: This site is my own little corner of the worldwide web. It is, and will continue to be under constant construction. It is built solely for my own amusement, so if you don't like it for any reason, you can feel free to never come back. Any views, opinions, and any and all content is my own unless otherwise labeled. Most, if not all of the tools, bits of code, etc are credited where deserved (See the "About This Site" link below). The following sites are merely my OPINION... if you don't like my opinion, then go and make your own links page!!!!

And now... the VERY best that the web has to offer... in my humble opinion.



Wayne's Custom Marine - On-Site Marine Repair and Maintenance Service - Serving Southeastern Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Cape Cod. A truly reputable and honest individual. A Marine Corps veteran who just returned from his 2nd tour in Iraq and is trying to get back on his feet.

He provides full repair and maintenance services for vessels of all types and sizes, outboard, inboard, and stern drive.  He'll do anything from a simple oil change to full re-builds and re-powers, and provides complete winterizing, spring commissioning, and detailing services.

He'll come to your house, business or marina, and will give an honest assessment every time. Give him a shot !!!

Software - Unless otherwise indicated, all of these are FREEWARE or SHAREWARE. Please donate to these folks if you like their software! - The one and only and BEST (hacked) file sharing utility out there. NO popups, ads spyware, or other crap to clutter your finely tuned PC. - KaZaP is an add-on utility that makes for easier file download and upload management in KaZaA and, of course, KaZaA Lite!! - SPYBOT Search and Destroy is the absolute BEST spyware & adware destruction utility. It also acts as a blocker to keep them from getting back in!! - (NOT Freeware) The makers of HAL 2000 (HAL = Home Automated Living). This is the software I use to control pretty much everything in my home with everyday speech. It is well made, extremely professional software that makes for a fun hobby for any techno-geek like myself!! For more on my home automation projects, see my Automation page.

Websites - One of the funniest sites I've ever come across. If you're a thin skinned imbecile, you may want to skip this one... - The BEST tee shirts to be found anywhere. These range from funny to outrageously off-color. - All the news that's fit to print !!  The Onion is the best fake newspaper ever. - Hilarious hypocrisy is what PETA is all about !!! - If you've ever visited the Far East, you understand their fascination with our culture and language. It has been well documented here! - A great place to visit, but for how long? Once the smoke-nazi's have their way, there will be no more sites like this! - The place to find those pump-you-up-kill-the-bad-guys videos. The site is focused on providing a morale boost to our  troops around the world. KUDO's to Grouchy!! - A great place to research and discuss preparedness. - The Junk Science site is a great research tool. Find out how many of those "studies" cited on the news are bogus. You may be shocked! - Some great projects for the basement tinkerer along with some useful information.

The Patriot Post - One of the best and most informative journals of our day. Get it free in your inbox!

The Patriot Post


    It's a bird... It's a plane... No, its...Tin Foil Helmet Man!  - This has to be one of the funniest websites I have ever seen. I thought it was a joke at first, but it is actually intended to be serious. These are real life "tin-foil helmet" freaks who are trying to stop aliens from reading their minds and controlling them. If their new helmet contraption doesn't work, I suggest a straightjacket and heavy sedation!

  - UPDATE! -  The assclown that runs the stopabductions site referenced above actually wrote to me!  Here's his latest frootloop psychosis:

Return-Path: <>
Received: 21 Feb 2005 21:45:08

In response to your comments about my website,

Itís time to stop laughing. I now have videos of aliens taken by a woman wearing a thought screen helmet that I will distribute later this year. I also have videos of the alienís spacecraft. You can clearly see that the objects are craft, not just lights.

Michael Menkin
stop alien abductions
aliens and children


 - He's BAAAAAACK!!! - I just received the following. Some folks just don't know when to stop digging...


Return-Path: <>
Received: 6 Apr 2005 03:12:06

I don't think you understood my last email. Perhaps you need a course in reading comprehension. I wrote that it's time to stop laughing, I now have videos of aliens. These videos are the first such made by anybody. They are real videos of real aliens on the earth. I also have real videos of alien spacecraft. They are discernible as craft with landing legs and a real shape, not just lights. The videos are revolutionary and historic. They are proof of the existence of aliens on the earth. Two British TV production companies, WAG-TV and Redback Films, will feature the videos in documentaries on UFOs later this year.

Calling me or anybody else psychotic just because you don't accept the information I have is foolish and irresponsible. I suggest you take some courses in psychiatry so you know what the word psychotic means.

I now have definite, historic proof of aliens on the earth. It's time to stop calling names. It's time to stop laughing. It's time to accept startling new facts. More videos are coming.

Please post this reply.

Michael Menkin


My response - Hey pal,  my pussy hurts too. I'm not sure why your tin foil panties are in a bunch.  In reality, I too have videos of alien spacecraft and aliens walking the Earth. Yes you can see details (real shape, not the cheezy, fake type of shape). I'm not sure where you got your videos, but mine were professionally done in Hollywood. Some of the best alien films seem to come from Hollywood. I think it's because the little green men fit right in with much of the population of SoCal.