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M40 Attempts to explain Liberalism

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AS A LIBERAL, YOU TRULY BELIEVE THAT... is right to wage war against radical Christians because they believe that women should not have the right to kill children, but that it's wrong to wage a war against radical Muslims who believe that women are akin to cattle, and should not have ANY rights at all.

...that there's a vast right wing conspiracy bent on world domination (even though it is not the stated aim of ANYONE on the right to do so), BUT that there's no vast Muslim conspiracy bent on world domination, (even though it is the stated aim of TENS OF MILLIONS of Muslims right up to their highest levels of leadership).

...a woman who wears a bra, a dress, heels, makeup etc is "oppressed", but when your son's boy scout troop leader starts wearing them, he's "expressing himself". should be a jailable offense to spank a young child as discipline, but that it's okay to kill a young child for the mother's lack of it.

...a few degrees cooling trend measured in the '70's constituted a "global cooling" emergency caused by mankind's pollution, AND that a few degrees warming trend measured in the '90's constitutes a "global warming" emergency caused by mankind's pollution.

...a 1% reduction in the ozone layer at the North Pole is NOT the result of a natural cycle that increases and decreases by up to 10% every hundred years, but that it is caused by deodorant (this may explain the odor of your average Parisian).

...that politicians are somehow wiser and more honest than the public, and that they know how your paycheck should be spent better than you do.

...a flat 10% tax rate with no loopholes is somehow "unfair", but that the current system which even accountants and lawyers can't figure out IS fair.

...the social security system was on the verge of collapse when Clinton was in office, but that it's somehow okay now.

...Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction back when Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, France, Germany, the UN, (and even Saddam himself) claimed it, but that George Bush somehow "lied" when he said it.

...Bill Clinton and Madeline Albright handing nuclear and aerospace technology to North Korea was okay, but that somehow George Bush is at fault for the current North Korean nuclear situation.

...the same teachers who can't seem to teach basic math or reading skills to our children, should be teaching them about sex. people are somehow dumber or lesser than white people, and that they need special tests or separate (lesser) standards applied to them to get by.

...the drug companies that spend billions of dollars on disease research are evil, but that wearing colorful ribbons will help cure diseases.

...trees, bugs and rocks have thoughts and feelings, but a fetus is just an inanimate lump of protoplasm.

...a man who makes a sexual comment to a woman is a deviant, but gays ass-fucking in the park where children play are just "celebrating their sexuality".