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Mineral Mountain Hatchet Works - Custom Bowie

I came across Mineral Mountain Hatchet Works while searching the web for "custom bowies". If any of you have performed similar searches, you'll find plenty of blades that are beautiful pieces of artistry, but few that you'd want to really beat the holy hell out of. Some of these blades sell for well over a thousand dollars, and many of these makers have long waiting lists of clients.


I don't have display cases for my blades, and I wouldn't care to beat the crap out of a work of art. I want a blade that will perform as a blade should. I want to hack, smash and slash without worrying about chips, dings and scratches. Hell, some blades only gain "character" when they're good and banged up. Ted Frizzell over at Mineral Mountain Hatchet Works has produced blades in that category for over 25 years. Ted makes "workhorses" that get better with age.



I have yet to really beat this bowie up, so I'll write more once I've "done my homework". All I can say is that this blade feels right at home in my hand, and I look forward to the workout I'm going to give it.


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