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Latest Grinds


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Hereís a sneak peek at my latest bowie and a necker. Thereís a few pics (below).


Here it is rough cut and ground from 1095 bar stock (1/4" thick x 2" wide stock).

Here it is after some final shaping and clean up...

Handle drilled for scales and lanyard...

Here's a close-up of a guard I'm working on. It's a metal casting in a lead-free pewter alloy. I've been using a Lee lead furnace to accomplish the melt, and making clay molds to pour into. This is not finalized, but gives an idea of what I'm trying to accomplish.


I just did the final heat treating and I'm doing a good bit of buffing to bring it to mirror finish. I had to think about it for a while before I heat treated... that probably negates any chances of engraving the blade. I do have some mask material and acid etch solution, so I may try my hand at some custom etching. Maybe some filigree and my makers mark. Just what I need... another hobby.


And hereís the custom necker I just finished. Itís ATS 34, so it wonít rust on me. Itís also ľĒ thick which is absurdly thick for a necker, but it feels nice and hefty in the hand. Itís also scary sharp.

Makers marks are simple Dremel engravings with a carbide bit.

More to come..




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