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 Presenting... THE ASSHOLE FILES!

  The Historic Contributions of Islam

Can anyone name a single invention by a Middle Eastern Muslim in the last 500 years?

Quite a few Middle Eastern inventions can be found throughout "early" history (BC through about the 1300's). Since then however, I would have a tough time trying to name a single invention, or even a single contribution to society at large by Muslims. Unless you count the school bus bomb as a thoughtful gift to the world, there's really NOTHING that these folks have contributed for over 500 years.

I happen to have serious doubts about the Muslim attributions of many early inventions as well, but that is a topic for another essay.

My point is that Islam has stifled a culture, benighted a large region of the world, and quelled an entire people into a rerun of the dark ages. It has done this by successfully smothering freedom, repressing new thoughts and ideas and quelling all individuality. It has effectively prevented a large portion of the world from seeing any forward progress for over half a millennium.

This is reminiscent of the way in which the Catholic faith inhibited science during its early years. Rome has smartened up to a great extent. While the Vatican may not be overly welcoming to the scientific community, its days of burning heretics are long gone. As an example of their modernity, Catholicism is in full agreement with the 'Big Bang" theory (the pope blessed this concept back in the late 1980's). The Vatican does have its disagreements with the methods employed by some to make progress (stem cell research anyone?), but they no longer seem to shun the progress itself.

This religious acceptance of (or at least tolerance of) progress is definitely not the case with Islam. Islam is actively trying to burn, blow up, shoot, torture, maim and destroy "heretics" and "infidels" in 27 countries worldwide. It sees almost all progress, whether social or scientific, as evil. Islam is (by far) the least tolerant and least progressive religion in the world today. The entire rest of the world can plainly see the results.

I've asked quite a few Arab Muslims about this major discrepancy in progress, and the answer is always the same: "America, Israel, blah blah blah"!!

It never seems to occur to them that this can only account for the last 50 years or so. What happened to the other 450?   I say, "ISLAM HAPPENED". 

  A Diatribe on Modern Islam

American citizens and soldiers worldwide have been slain one by one or in groups, for decades. This was done in the name of Allah… and most Muslims were silent… except for those who celebrated.

How many embassies, ships, buses, planes, schools and businesses have been bombed in the name of Allah in the last fifty years? … And most Muslims were silent… except for those who celebrated.

The twin towers fell and thousands died… and most Muslims remained silent. Sure, a few spoke out, claiming that Islam does not condone such things… but they were drowned out by the cheers, parades and celebrations that erupted throughout the Muslim world.

In 27 countries throughout the world, Muslims are engaged in Jihad, or “holy war”. In this supposed “holy war”, non-believers are butchered by the millions… and this is supposed to be the will of Allah?

I’m sick and tired of the politically correct proposition that a few “bad apples” are trying to hijack Islam, and that Muslims are somehow peaceful. A few Muslim clerics meekly claiming that these acts are wrong are nothing when compared to the celebrations, or the deafening silence of many others when it comes to the horrific actions done in the name of Allah.

Nazism was started as a political party, but was hijacked by a ruthless dictator. There may have been some nice "Nazi’s" who stood quiet while terrible acts were committed in their name. As a result, calling oneself a Nazi today would announce ones compliance and indeed ones agreement with all of the atrocities committed by Nazism.

It therefore stands to reason that anyone who calls themselves a Muslim is announcing their concurrence and complicity with the millions of atrocities being committed in the name of Islam. They are saying, “I am an enemy of peace.”  To most people, it is now a plain fact… there are NO PEACEFUL MUSLIMS.

Muslims should consider themselves lucky that we Americans ARE peaceful. Otherwise, we would have nuked you fuckers to cinders a long time ago. The rest of the world (the SANE people) really don't need Muslims around. Islam has contributed nothing but mayhem and misery to the history of mankind.

Muslims have become the worldwide enemy of peace, and therefore I proudly say…  FUCK the Muslims, and FUCK ALLAH.  Allah is a pig’s festering asshole (and Mohammed is his dick-licking bitch). 

        - M40 -     : )


Readers Respond!

  There's been an overwhelmingly positive response to this page, as I've apparently voiced what everyone is thinking, but what most are too politically correct to say. I won't bother with all of the thumbs up and kudo's I've received. Instead, I've decided to start posting some of the threats and hate mail.


From: Usman Azhar
Sent: Saturday, February 25, 2006 5:54 PM
Who the Fuck do u think u are?.. Talking about Islam as if you know
everything about it. People like you will definately go to hell. Inshallah!!
Are you one of those ass-biting atheists??
Don't go around talking SHIT otherways you'll really be sorry!
You should wake up you shithole and don't bother replying...
M40's Response ... yup, I bothered to reply !:
From: m40
Sent: Saturday, February 25, 2006 7:19 PM
To: Usman Azhar
Subject: Who do I think I am ?


Who do I think I am? Well, I think I'm a free individual with the right to say whatever the fuck I please, and no religion, country or people can tell me otherwise. Your thinly veiled threats do not scare me.

All I have to say to you is,      "May Allah destroy your mother's house" (I don't have the Arabic fonts installed, so that's the best I could whip up in Paint).

Yes...  I speak, read and write Arabic. I've studied the language, religion, history and culture (if you can call it that). I've spent years in the Middle East cleaning up messes... and I'm fucking sick of watching what are otherwise decent people brought to their knees by ignorance and by their intolerance of others. I'm sick of seeing tyrants and tin-pot dictators use Islam as an excuse to keep their people in chains (both figurative and literal).

As soon as the Arab world stops acting like a bunch of fucking children, I'll start paying them some respect. On the same front, as soon as Islam starts accomplishing anything good in this world, I'll respect it as well. BUT... as long as Islam is used as an excuse for killing and mayhem, I'll say whatever the fuck I want to, and no amount of threats from you or anyone else will stop me.

           - M40 -     : )


Subject: fuck you deck head

I'm a free individual with the right to say
fuck you

and you better stop talking about Islam

and you hade enough from Usman


M40's Response ..

   I can't argue with the subject... I guess I am sort of a "deck head".

   It's the body of the email that gets me. The content of this email is rife with the type of twisted logic that only a Muslim could spout without laughing.  Abdull Ali makes the sage point that while I'm an individual possessed of the right to free speech, he has that same right, and uses it to say "fuck you". If he stopped there, his point would have been made, but in the very next line he says that I "better stop talking about Islam".

   Abdull has essentially just said, "You have the right to free speech, but so do I, and by the way... you don't."

   Well Abdull... I do have free speech, and here's some for you...   (another Paint hack-job, but it gets the point across, the point being that I deflowered his sister.)

   He closes with the statement that I've "hade enough from Usman". If he means that I've HAD enough, then he's quite wrong! These emails are fucking PRICELESS. Keep on writing, and I'll keep on posting your stupidity for the world to see. This site sees about a half million hits a month, and is growing like crazy. PLEASE... KEEP WRITING, you fucking terrorist shitbags!

The Muslim Mind - An Oxymoron?

Nice site until I got to this......

I don't think you have much to say about Islam. You need only watch the news video from 9/11 to see that the WTC was all a controlled demolition. That pretty much negates anything western society has ever accomplished. The whole thing is a fraud from any angle. No matter how you respond for an argument win or try to blame Muslims, it won't change the truth. You can also rant to try and make yourself look good with slick insults, but it will all be lies. The laws of physics = controlled demolition + murder of 3,000 of your own people for fun and profit.


M40's Response ..


   I don't get it, but then again, I'm not a Muslim wack-job. The Muslims can't seem to decide whether to take credit for 9/11 and cheer about it, blame it on Israel, or blame it on America. That's pretty much the Middle Eastern response to EVERYTHING. We've seen a hundred different incidents where Muslim extremists have committed atrocities, celebrated these atrocities, and then blamed those same atrocities on Israel and America. It's getting old and VERY transparent to the rest of us.

   The entire world saw the planes hitting the towers. The entire world knows exactly who pulled it off and how. The entire world has placed blame EXACTLY where it belongs... with the 19 terrorist fucks who committed it, and with the terrorist hierarchy that planned and funded it. We also watched as Bin Laden proudly took credit, and we watched as almost the entire Muslim world erupted into cheers, held parades and parties, and celebrated the deaths of thousands of innocent people. To hear imbeciles like yourself casting blame in all different directions is insulting and childish.

   In short, you are a sniveling fuck. You remind me of the German jerkoffs who pretend the holocaust never happened. Rather than admitting to yourself that a horror was committed in the name of your religion, you'll insult everyone's intelligence by hiding behind idiotic conspiracy theories. The Japanese are doing the same thing. They've gone from admitting to the Nanking massacre, then to downplaying it, then to trivializing it, and finally to today where they've erased it from their history books and claim it was all a conspiracy and that the Chinese did it to themselves.

   As long as there are freaky fucks like yourself, Islam will continue to be frowned upon by thinking people everywhere. I'm an engineer, and I understand the laws of physics. It was quite plain to me what happened (as it was to each and every structural engineer who examined the event). The thing that I really don't understand is how 9/11 could equal "fun or profit" for anyone (except radical, mouth breathing Muslims like you).


Okay... I've been proven wrong in my assertion that Muslims didn't invent anything useful. A reader recently emailed to inform me that Muslims invented the condom. I was dubious at first, but a little research proved him correct

Muslims were fashioning condoms from the lower intestines of goats by the early 1400's  (several hundred years before condoms appeared in Europe).  I will add that the British refined the idea by first removing the intestines from the goat.