M40's Sportsmen's Club Reviews

 ( the good, the bad, and the downright UGLY! )

These are mostly Massachusetts clubs, and are all clubs I have visited or dealt with in some way or another. I have been to many more, and will add to the list as I have time and/or energy. Hope this saves some of you a trip or two to some of the crummy clubs, and steers you in the right direction! 

NOTE: If you do not see a club here, and want to know a bit about it, drop me an email. If I haven't been there, I'll ask around (I know many avid shooters here in MA)!  m4040@m4040.com


American Firearms School (AFS) - When AFS was built, it was a state of the art, multi-million dollar facility with simulators, auto target returns, a store, etc. Over the years, a very unscrupulous individual ran it into the ground and began price gouging the membership while letting things fall into disrepair. As such, this club USED to have a very poor review posted here. I have since been contacted by the NEW MANAGEMENT and have revisited the facility. Pretty much all of the things that had plagued AFS have been fixed, and the place is now in the hands of some very dedicated and hard-working individuals. I am now a member at this club, and that says it all. While it's only 75 feet in length, it's still better than outdoor shooting in the dead of Winter! Rifles and shotguns are allowed, which is nice, and there's no restrictions on jacketed ammo. I would highly recommend checking this place out. Website: http://www.americanfirearmsschool.com/     Phone: (508)695-5869     Email - Info@americanfirearmsschool.com  


BGRA, South Boston - Good facility for the size. Indoor shooting range (pistol only). Highly recommended, especially for new shooters. A great bunch of folks, who are very welcoming to new members and new shooters. Good training facility as well. Sponsors PPC, and other combat shooting style matches. My thumbs up for this one. Website: http://www.bostongunclub.net/index.htm      Phone: (617)436-8846     Email - Info@bostongunclub.net  


Bob's Tactical in Salisbury - Small indoor range, pay by the hour. OK in Spring or Summer, but not heated in the Winter!


Braintree - Highly recommended. Great facilities, great bunch of folks. This is limited by their location, but they do a lot with the space they have.


Hanson Rod and Gun - Small club, quiet place to go and make some noise. Not bad, easy to join, and not expensive. You get what you pay for.


Harvard Sportsmen's Association - VERY beautiful club, with more ranges and activities than you can shake a stick at! Many different rifle and even SMG ranges from 50-300y. Nicest place I have found to shoot IPSC matches. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Marshfield Rod and Gun Club - Very Nice! Prox card access to very nice clubhouse, rifle ranges (200y), skeet and trap. Indoor Pistol, Archery, Stocked Fishing pond, scenic, etc. A little oppressive on rules, but that is due to the family atmosphere. 


Maspenock Rod and Gun - Review pending.


Pelham, NH - Nice club, IPSC match sponsor, plenty of range space, and good facilities. Well spoken of, and gets my thumbs up.


Pembroke - Exclusive and small. More of an aging veterans society than a shooting club.


Plymouth Rod and Gun - Small club with limited resources, but okay for making noise.


Scituate Rod and Gun - Small club, 100y range, mud puddle for fishing. Not very glitzy, but the people are nice (when there), and the setting is quite private.


Woburn Sportsmen's Association -  Fairly good club, outdoor trap & skeet, black powder range, outdoor 25 & 50 yd pistol range, 200yd rifle range, archery range. Reportedly a decent place to shoot.