The AMA Strikes Back

Fighting Back Against the Lawyers?

    Have you ever wondered what could be done to stem the litigious insanity that has become the norm in America? Our insurance rates have skyrocketed, and it is becoming almost impossible for small businesses to survive. Well, the American Medical Association may have an answer.

    AMA chapters in several states have introduced legislation to allow doctors to refuse non-critical treatment to lawyers and their spouses. This comes as a result of Tort Reform legislation that the AMA has been backing. Six states have already passed a punitive damage cap of $250,000 for medical malpractice suits. This legislation is being strongly pursued by the AMA in many states, because many doctors can no longer afford to practice with current malpractice insurance rates. Today, most doctors pay more than half of their earnings to insurance companies, and the rates are going up every year.

    This issue has become a hotbed with the AMA chapters in many states including New Hampshire, Ohio, Illinois, Oklahoma, Georgia, Missouri, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Others are expected to propose similar measures.

    All of us suffer from high medical insurance premiums due to the hordes of lawyers who ring hospitals like circling vultures as well as the teams of lawyers who now have to be retained to defend the hospitals. All of this is paid for by... guess who... (got a pocket mirror?). I won't even get into how many billions of our tax dollars pay for the huge court system required to deal with all this bogus legal wrangling.

    I would LOVE to see the day that small businessmen everywhere fight back. A day where lawyers cannot get a suit dry-cleaned. Where they are refused service in restaurants and are tossed from taxicabs. A day where lawyers are shunned from polite circles.  Alas, this type of blacklisting has already been tried, and it failed. We used to expose and shun the Communists and Socialists in our midst. Today they run the DNC.  If you need proof, see THIS.



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