Presenting... THE ASSHOLE FILES!!


"The Right One" SUCKS !!


The Right One... at the WRONG PRICE!

Have you ever heard of the dating service called, "The Right One"?  I am in my early thirties, and am not into the bar or club scenes. I had been hearing these commercials that promised a superior dating service for adults. It claimed that this service vetted out those that were at your professional and intellectual level, and that were compatible. What they don't mention is the price. In fact, they did everything to keep the prices hidden. They give you questionnaires and tests, and then insist on interviewing you for a couple hours. I kept asking about the price, and got nothing but a runaround, more sales pitches (and even some grade-A BS about, "You can't put a price on love"). I finally had to threaten to walk out, and actually had my coat on before they revealed their HORRIBLE LITTLE SECRET.  These highway robbing, used car salesmen gold-digging pricks charge anywhere from $2000 to about $6,000.00 !!!

I told the slick sales jerk that ANY woman that would spend this kind of money for a few dates would be way too fiscally irresponsible for my tastes. I have since joined (with GREAT success). Check them out, you won't regret it. About $50 for a six month membership, during which time you can meet MANY good prospects.

 Better business Bureau Status: This company has some locations that have few complaints according to the Better Business Bureau... but has MANY MORE THAT HAVE A MULTITUDE OF CONSUMER COMPLAINTS!