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Assholes Pretending to "Support the Troops, But Not the War"
M40 - 4/30/2008

"I support the troops, but not the war". I hear this all too often. Drivel like this usually comes directly from pot addled,
Birkenstock-clad, peacenik douche-bags... also known as "Democrats". In any case, I'll take the bait, and examine this in
some depth.

The first point that must be made is that seven years have transpired since 9/11/2001... the day that changed the world as
we knew it. It wasn't much later that the first boots hit the ground in Afghanistan, and not much longer after that when troops
landed in Kuwait to prepare for the Iraq invasion. It was more than five years ago that the Iraq invasion actually started.

Add to this that the longest term of enlistment in the US military is one of 6 years. I think this is an extremely important fact
when you consider some of the lunatic statements coming from Democrats. Why is this term of enlistment so important?
What this means is that pretty much every soldier we have has either joined or re-enlisted in the military during that period.
Arguments from the left that our troops didn't know what they were getting into just don't cut the mustard anymore. This is
an important fact when you consider the phrase, "I support the troops, but not the war".

Every soldier we have has either joined up for the purpose of fighting this war, or has re-enlisted to continue doing so.
They're laying their lives on the line for a cause, and almost to a man, they'll tell you that they believe in the war and that it is
winnable. Sure, the left will showcase the occasional soldier who is willing to badmouth the cause of the rest, but these few
represent a very distinct minority. The left also does this with imposters who turn out to have never served at all... but that's
a subject for another asshole file.

Any argument that you can somehow support the troops without supporting the war is ludicrous. This type of political
doublespeak is a slap in the face to all who now serve. These folks are overseas fighting while Democrats back home have
been proclaiming for years that they've already lost... but they "support the troops"? Bullshit!

I regularly see cars that have both peace stickers and yellow "support our troops" ribbons. This practice makes me want to
vomit. If you remove the Orwellian doublespeak from Democrat rhetoric, you're left with a different message altogether. "We
pretend to support the troops because it gets us votes. We actually despise all they've done, and all they've fought for. All
that have died for this cause have died in vain. And by the way, the troops are stupid thugs".

That may sound harsh, but let's consider all the snide remarks from prominent Democrats. The ones where they accuse
American soldiers of brutality and torture, or compare them to Nazi storm troopers are classic examples. As time has
passed, another Democrat assumption has come to light. They believe in their hearts that the soldiers are just plain stupid,
and that they were somehow duped into service. While the left have always been the ultimate soap-box elitist snobs, this
sentiment is horrifying in it's audacity.

All of this makes the true Democrat opinion of soldiers very clear to all but the most dim-witted among us. The Democrats
have NEVER supported our troops... and they never will. They believe the troops are murderous thugs and idiots. They've
always believed this. If it were politically expedient, they'd be right back at the airports in their hippie garb. They'd be waving
"baby killer" signs, and spitting on troops returning home from the war.

Feigned "support" of our troops is perhaps the biggest lie ever perpetrated by Democrat politicians. Don't believe it, and
remember this... you either support the troops in all they do, or you don't support our troops at all.