Presenting... THE ASSHOLE FILES!!

Pacifist Assholes...


Pacifists would like to believe that their "cause" is just, and that they are non-violent. I beg to differ. I blame pacifism for a hundred million deaths in the last century alone. Both world wars should have been answered as soon as the aggressors started them. Instead pacifists, wishful thinkers, and leftist idiots worldwide demanded restraint and patience from those who could have stopped the aggression early.

The pacifists claimed that there were peaceful means to stop aggression. They claimed that negotiation was an effective tool, and that the aggressors could be made to see the error of their ways. As the holocaust began taking it's millions of lives, the pacifists simply denied it was happening. They pandered and proselytized, whimpered, whined and cried to everyone who would listen. They got their way for a while, but the aggression only grew. And the brutes of this world laughed at the attempts to coddle and pacify them. Pacifists suggested that perhaps giving gifts to the aggressors would appease them. We gave them inches but they laughed and took miles. We gave them entire countries, but they continued in their murderous rampages. By the time the world had tried all of the harebrained pacifist ideas (all resulting in miserable failures) the violence and bloodshed had escalated to enormous scales. Over a hundred million people died under the aggressors and in the responses required to stop them.

After the world wars, one would think we'd have learned, but we didn't. It happened all over again with Korea and then with Vietnam. It happened throughout all of the cold war, and again, we watched as tens of millions paid with their lives. And here we are... and it's happening yet again with the Middle East crisis. We should have learned the lesson that it's better to use force quickly and precisely against aggressors. When we don't, we allow violence and oppression to grow. Every single one of the pacifist, non-aggressive means to stop brutality has been tried and has failed.

Pacifists have done much worse than simple failure... they have aided and abetted the aggressors through their failed policies. They have allowed the violence and oppression to escalate and grow with each failed endeavor. The pacifists have essentially aided and abetted the actions of monsters, and they are therefore guilty of crimes against humanity.

Here we are again, and the same loony-leftist pacifist crackpots are telling us that their ideas will surely work THIS time. Talks and negotiations will surely convince those Islamo-fascist regimes to stop their aggression THIS time. If only we would lay down our arms, then surely our enemies would do the same THIS time! I'm sure we would all share a big enormous group hug and then we'd all go home happy. Wouldn't that be nice? Maybe it will rain Twinkies and gumdrops too!

It may well turn out that twenty or thirty years from now, we will ponder the enormous death toll levied by World War Three. Our children and our grandchildren will ask serious questions. Why did people listen to pacifist excuses for radical Islamic aggression and violence? Why didn't we use a little force when the threat consisted of small groups of religious zealots and extremists? How is it that world leaders allowed the situation to spin into a whirlwind that engulfed the entire Middle East? How is it that we sat back and watched as Europe fell to the Muslims? Why did we sit still while Africa, Australia, Asia, and finally even Canada and South America began falling to zealots? Why did we let it reach our very borders here in the US? Why did we allow this war to spin into a maelstrom of nuclear fire? Why did billions have to die?

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. More than a hundred million deaths can be attributed to pacifism in last century's wars. We are on a path to possibly double or triple that tally this century... or maybe MUCH worse. We face an enemy with a "join us or die" mantra. An enemy willing to commit ANY atrocity. An enemy that would gladly use nuclear weapons tomorrow if given the chance. An enemy who wouldn't be swayed by the threat of "Mutually Assured Destruction". An enemy willing to die in the name of a brutal, hateful religion. An enemy willing to use ANY weapon at their disposal. An enemy prepared to kill billions if necessary...

...and all it takes is enough "pacifists" who will sit quietly and allow it to happen.