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More World Trade Center Conspiracy Assholes  

Okay... I'm still getting emails from you delusional inbred types. The latest said, "gee M40... the building fell way too fast for a collapse.... and it looked like a controlled demolition cuz, like... you can see these explosion puffs as it falls. If it just collapsed, it would have gone much slower, floor-by-floor, and would take minutes to fall, not seconds. Just try and explain THAT!".

The original writers of these crap-tales string together just enough loosely tied nuggets of fact to give their fairy tales a thin shell of credibility (at least to those who are too stupid or lazy to do any research or think on their own). In these imaginary yarns, they see themselves as some kind of hero who is saving the rest of us from evil. When they’re not saving all of us from government agents, aliens, or evil corporate types, they’re likely rescuing princesses from ogres in acne riddled dungeons and dragons circle-jerks.

 All of these conspiracy theories have been shredded a million times over by scientists, engineers, structural experts and by eyewitness accounts. For some reason they refuse to die. The problem is that some people are so abysmally retarded that they will believe just about anything.


I'll explain this as simply as I can. I'll try to use small words and very simple examples so that the "dimmer bulbs" in our colorful string of humanity can follow along.

Once the steel in the building buckled (go HERE to see why), you suddenly had the floors above, comprising SEVERAL MILLION TONS of steel and concrete in freefall. The floors beneath would NOT have slowed it down at all... not even a teensy little bit!

If you doubt me... let's start with a really easy experiment. Place a 10 pound weight on your foot. See, that's not so bad... you can easily support that weight. Now take that same weight, and have a friend drop it on your foot from a second floor balcony. HOLY CRAP... you now have a severely broken foot and may never walk right again... BUT... you've learned a very valuable lesson. That force is what we call KINETIC ENERGY.

For an object that is moving, the kinetic energy equals one half, times the mass of the object, times the square of the speed of the object. In symbols: EK = (1/2)mv2      Ooops... sorry... don't want to confuse folks with math!

That same object will fall faster and faster until it reaches “terminal velocity”. Terminal velocity varies with object density, atmospheric pressure and how aerodynamic the object is... oh, shit... sorry about the big words! 

In any case, if you hired a normal person to do the calculations for you, you’d find that once the upper section of the building began falling, it would have impacted the building below with enough energy to pulverize the holy fuck out of ANYTHING in it’s path. It wouldn't slow down at all. In fact, I would predict that it should continually speed up as it continues on it’s downward trajectory until reaching a speed of ... well... really fucking FAST (how’s that for scientific?).

If this is still too difficult, go jump up and down on your bathroom scale. A 100 pound person can easily make the needle jump to 300 pounds or more from a mere 6 inches of jump. The old dial-type scales work best, as some others don’t register weight quickly enough. Now imagine what would happen if you fell 10 feet onto the scale... you could impart thousands of pounds of kinetic energy. Now imagine how much energy is imparted by 20-plus stories of gigantic office building in freefall.

My guess is that the energy released that day was pretty close to that imparted by a small nuclear device. We're very lucky the energy was directed downwards and not outwards into the city. Can you imagine what would have happened had they tipped over sideways?

As for the windows, think of how much space is inside a building, and all of that is full of air (like a big accordion). Once the building starts it’s downward plunge, all of that air needs to go somewhere. The massive pressure wave beneath the falling mass blows out all the windows... again, simple physics... not demo charges!

As to how feasible the demolition theory is... (and this is according to demolition experts), wiring buildings the size of the twin towers for a controlled demolition would take a couple hundred workmen a few months of work, hundreds of miles of wire and det cord, and thousands of individual set charges. They would have had to tear out thousands of walls and essentially gut a lot of office space to even get at the structural beams in the required locations. It is NOT something that could have been done by a few secret agents sneaking around in the middle of the night. There was no grand construction projects like this going on in the WTC. Therefore, unless you’re insane enough to believe that every one of the 50,000 people who worked there are “part of the conspiracy”, then the entire theory is just a ridiculous pipe dream of a few lunatics living on the fringes of society.

FINALLY... I’ll address the “Controlled Demolition” conspiracy theory in the most general terms. I keep hearing this stupid theory spouted by dim-witted fucknoses who watched a low budget video put together by some college kid. They run around pretending to be geniuses, and are thrilled by what they perceive as “insider” information. None of them ever makes the slightest effort to do any homework and figure out if any of it adds up. They assume the college kid MUST have researched this thoroughly before stitching together the video. Guess what? He DIDN’T. In fact, (and here's a little secret you can take to the bank) much of what you watch on the evening news these days is the same kind of unscientific, ill-researched and poorly constructed bullshit, pulled last minute from some producer's pompous ass to fill time and sell commercials.

Conclusion:   ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS... do your own homework! Leave the hairy-handed conspiracy geeks to their misery in mom’s basement. Things like physics, facts and common sense mean nothing to these pricks. Most have an agenda that is VERY anti-American, and some are actually dangerous individuals. If you know someone who spouts this kind of crap, simply ignore them and stay as far away as possible. Many of these folks are about one step away from “Unabomber” status, and you don't want to be anywhere near them when they snap. Treating these assholes like the social lepers they really are is the only way to deal with them. Listening to them, or lending them any credence at all only inspires them to even more insane delusions.

Nuff said...    -M40-

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