Presenting... THE ASSHOLE FILES!!


Mass Turnpike Authority Assholes ... umm... MASSholes

Aaahhh... where to start? These pricks have been thumbing their crooked noses at we, the voting public, for nigh on 30 years. When the Mass Turnpike was built, the tolls were added as a means of fundraising to pay for the project. The voters were promised that once the project had been paid for, the tolls would be removed.

Sound familiar? It's very much like the income tax, which was an emergency wartime measure to generate funds for World War II... has it been revoked? Do government promises mean anything? Does it matter that income taxes are unconstitutional? Not to a politician (and particularly not to a Massachusetts Democrat).

The tolls were NOT removed when the Mass Pike was paid off in the 1960's. Nor were they removed when it had been paid for twice over in the 1970's, or 3, 4 and 5 times over to the present day. The story gets better... Groups of angry taxpayers formed to protest this injustice. Several times over the years, they collected the tens of thousands of signatures that were necessary to place the issue as a ballot question to the voting public. It was soundly passed each and every time. The people had spoken loud and clear... "TEAR DOWN THE TOLLS!". Surely, when the people of a state have spoken in so resounding a manner, the well-coiffed, political hacks must take notice, right? Wrong... the issue "died in committee". It died through "legal loopholes". It died every death the pinko, fuckhead politicians in Mass could think of.

Once a tax, fine, tariff, levy or any other means of corrupt politicians getting their hands in your pocket has been instituted, it almost NEVER goes away. Forget all promises to the contrary. A promise from a politician (particularly where your money is concerned) is like a junkie promising to go clean. Add to all this that the Mass Turnpike Authority is a haven for the idiot nephews, neighbors and campaign contributors to the power elite in Massachusetts. Yup, with the right connections you can make $70,000 a year taking tolls in Mass. Never mind that a Coke machine can do the same job as these clowns (and might I say that a Coke machine is more pleasant to deal with?). The Mass Democrat party has its tendrils so deep in the MTA that the toll booths shake every time Ted Kennedy breaks wind.

The latest affront to my sensibilities occurred recently. As I drove up to throw coins at the change-monkeys in the little booths, I noticed that every booth had a "Posh Wash Carwash" advertisement on it. To those of us in a capitalist society, this sounds rather innocuous... until you think about it for a minute. The government actively selling advertising? Carry this to its logical conclusion. Can you picture "this Senate debate is sponsored by Microsoft", or a Nike symbol painted on the statehouse? Could it be carried to the point where a governing body makes decisions based not on what is the correct course of action, but that which doesn't "offend the sponsors"?

If Massachusetts is raising revenues with advertising, then why haven't the toll prices gone down? I have an idea... letís plaster the whole pike with billboards, but for god's sake... TEAR DOWN THE FUCKING TOLLS ALREADY!!!