Presenting... THE ASSHOLE FILES!!



    I would like for Senator John Kerry to clarify a couple things for me.

    First, how is it that a war protester can cast his medals off, renouncing both the medals and everything they stand for, and later come back to use those same medals for his own benefit by campaigning as a "decorated war hero"?   Senator Kerry has since hinted that they were not his own medals, but has failed to say just whose medals they were. Which is it Senator Kerry? Were you dishonest then or now? How can one disavow the military, and yet consider themselves to be a "hero" of the same?

    The speeches Senator Kerry has given indicate that he personally witnessed atrocities beyond the pale of any soldiers code of conduct. Did the good Senator promptly report these acts to his superiors? Did he seek to bring charges against those responsible? If Senator Kerry truly witnessed what he claimed, then he is guilty of war crimes by his inaction. His failure to report war crimes in a timely fashion is not only a jailable offense, but is conduct unbecoming a "war hero"!

    So... which is it Senator Kerry?   Did you witness war crimes and remain complicitly silent, or did you fabricate false allegations about your fellow soldiers?  In either case, you are utterly despicable, and are fully deserving of your place in my ASSHOLE FILES.

   As to the Swift Boat Vets, I fail to see why there is such a clamor, and why there are so many claims that their ads were "unfair". If all of the people I served with came forward to say that I was an asshole, I'd go hide my head in shame and retreat from public life. It's not like this was a small group of opposed folks. They were the guys in the picture that Kerry himself was using as campaign propaganda. Every guy in the picture but one went on to sign a petition stating that Kerry didn't earn the medals he was awarded, and that he was unfit to hold office as commander in chief. This wasn't a "vast right-wing conspiracy", it was signed by Democrats and Republicans alike! Can someone tell me how this is unfair?

   It's obvious to any person who's not completely biased that Kerry was an asshole, is an asshole, and likely will always be an asshole. He was a spoiled rich kid with whose effete snobbery made sure he'd never have any friends. His daddy made sure that his life followed a carefully orchestrated political playbook, and he managed to come through it all with... no friends. Even that bitch "war", which will make friends of the most unlikely fellows... failed to earn an asshole like Kerry any alliance or camaraderie with his fellow soldiers. At some point in life, one must question whether everyone else in the room is an asshole... or whether it's just you.

Senator Kerry... you sir... are an asshole!