Presenting... THE ASSHOLE FILES!!


Yet Another Hype Audio Alias - Howard Pierce Direct AV  or HP Direct AV ( )

Hype Audio is back in the Asshole Files with yet another alias. Here's hoping the New York BBB shuts these pricks down once and for all. This Heffner bastard should not be allowed to ever get a business license again!

See the Hype Audio files HERE


They now also use the name Howard Pierce

be warned!


Please do update your files they are doing business as another name i guess, I did order from Howard Pierce Direct ( HP DirectAV) got the package from Heffco. AND NOT  A NEW FACTORY SEALED BOX  as they advertise , Phones hanging up on me  no reply to my e mails, so on  I Hope Amex will get my money. If you want my full version of it please do send an e mail to my yahoo address  which is  M40 REMOVED .

This kind of Co. should be closed by the appropriate authorities and I am ready to give a hand .



Dear co victim of these crooks.

As I have already sent you an e mail this morning, I would like to get in touch with two of your friends who did put review about their mishaps with the co called hype Audio, me with Howard Pierce Direct , the telephone numbers return addresses and the people names they have encountered are the same as I have in Howard Pierce Direct so it is the same F... company. I will really be very glad if we can get together and do something about the issue. These guys are not only doing these activities in NY or NJ they are open to all the states with the Internet, so there is a case her and logically a federal case.

But of course as you know this company is owned by an attorney so I don't know how we can fight them back, One thing for sure if we get together we can open a class suit to them.

The persons I would like to notify for getting together is E and J Feedback owners

I hope to hear from you

R A (If you are interested in joining RA in his action against Howard Pierce Direct, Hype Audio, et al, please send your contact information to M40 and I will forward it to RA directly)