Presenting... THE ASSHOLE FILES!!

David Chase - Businessman first, hack writer second!

I just watched the final episode of Soprano's. It's been 8 years of my life, and all I have to say is... What a fucking WASTE of time. I think David Chase is an asshole and a sellout.

The cat thing and the whole bit about whether or not Paulie would take over the construction jobs were all just distractions from the fact that Chase was too much of a fucking pussy to end this series definitively. They could have easily used these last few episodes to clean house on a few of the MANY threads that have been left open over the years. I was really wondering whether Tony would kill Dr. Melfi.

The ending, rather than saying anything meaningful, lets folks believe whatever ending they want. The whole dinner scene ending with a blank screen allows you to determine any of three different scenarios:

1 Tony will have to live the rest of his life looking over his shoulder. (ie: the ominous guys coming and going from the diner, each a potential threat).

2 Tony will live happily ever after and the whole family is back together and getting along fine. (ie: all the guys coming and going from the diner were nothing after all).

3 Tony gets hit and is killed instantly as he looks up, and is distracted by Meadow entering, the guy leaving the mens room puts a bullet in his head. This would explain all the recent metaphors about never hearing the one that gets you, and the sudden fade to black and silence.

That was the type of ending that makes dimestore psychologists and overeducated imbecile film critic types swoon.

When the screen went black, most of us wondered whether wed paid our cable bill. Then, when the credits finally started rolling, we cursed, and questioned why wed been loyal fans of the series for the last eight years.

In any case, it leaves everything open for sequel film(s), which was about the only valid point I think Chase made here... the point being that hes a businessman first, and a hack writer second.

Well... In any case, I can finally cancel HBO!