Presenting... THE ASSHOLE FILES!!

Here is a partial listing of those companies affiliated with the DDWG ( see my writeup HERE ).

 It would seem that this list contains the "cream of the crop" when it comes to consumer electronics, but it is my contention that it is actually a "cream of the CRAP" listing. When these fools start producing products that actually CONNECT TOGETHER in a simple manner, or SUPPLY THE CORRECT ADAPTERS WITH THEIR PRODUCTS, I will think about editing my DDWG listings.


 3D Labs 3dfx Interactive (STB Systems, Inc) ACCELL Corporation ALCO Digital Devices Ltd. AMCO TEC International, Inc.,  ATI Technologies, Inc. (ATI-The display adapter folks, NOT to be confused with Alco Technologies, Inc, who makes very high-tech shielding products!) AVED Display Technologies Acon, Advanced Connectek, Inc. Active Co., Ltd. Agilent Technologies Altinex, Inc. Amphenol Corporation Amtran Technology Co., Ltd. Analog Devices, Inc. Apple Computer Ardent Technologies, Inc. Arithmos, Inc Astrodesign, Inc. Aurora Systems, Inc. Avance Logic Bang & Olufsen Barco View Beko Eletronik AS Biz Link International Corp. Broadcom Corporation CONRAC GmbH Cabletime Limited Cambridge Research Systems Charm Winner Co., Ltd. Chee Chen Technology Co., LTD Chrontel, Inc. Circuit Assembly Corp. (CA) Citron Electronic Co., Ltd. Codex Novus, Inc. Compal Electronics Inc. Compaq Computer Corporation Concurrent Technologies PLC Conexant Systems, Inc. Coretronic Corporation D&M Holdings Inc. DG2L Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Daewoo Electronics Co., Ltd. DigitalQuake, Inc. Doestek Co., Ltd EGBON Electronics Ltd. ELSA AG Eizo Nanao Corporation Erni Components, Inc. Etron Technology, Inc. Evans & Sutherland Explore Microelectronics Inc. FAI Technology, Inc. FCI Electronics FED Corporation Faraday Technology Corp. Foxconn Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd. Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. Fujitsu Gateway Genesis Microchip, Inc. Genic Electronics Company, Ltd. Gennum Corporation Globe Web Services Golden Bridge Electech In c. Golfuu Co., LTD HOMETOM Electronics HannStar Electronics Corp Hewlett-Packard Company Hikam America, Inc. Hirakawa Hewtech Corporation Hitachi Electronic Devices (USA), Inc. Hitachi, Ltd. Holly Lin International Technology, Inc. Honda Tsushin Kogyo Co., Ltd. HongLin Electronics Co., Ltd. Hosiden & Philips Display Corporation Hua Geng Technologies, Inc. Huajie Electronic Co., Ltd. Huan Hsin Holding Ltd HyperWare, Inc. ICS Technologies, Inc. IHSE GmbH Iiyama Corporation InFocus, Inc. Innovative Semiconductors, Inc. Intel Corporation Interlink Consultants & Engineering Ltd. International Business Machine Corp (IBM) J.S.T. Mfg. Co., Ltd. JAE Electronics Jo-Dan International, Inc. Joinsoon Electronic Mfg. Co., Ltd. Jupiter Systems Kaleidescape Canada, Inc. Kaleidescape, Inc. Kawasaki Microelectronics Inc. KeyMed Ltd. Kycon, Inc LG Electronics, Inc LG Electronics, Inc. LTK Wiring Co., LTD LXCO Technologies AG Lightware, Inc. Lin Shiung Enterprise Longwell Electronics Inc. MNC International Inc. MStar Semiconductor, Inc. Main Super Enterprises Co., LTD Marantz Japan, Inc. Martindale Corp. Matrox Graphics, Inc. Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Maxvision Corporation Media Reality Technologies, Inc. Mediatek Inc. Micron Technology, Inc. Micronas GmbH Microvision, Inc. MiraDeed Technology Corp. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Montrose/CDT Motorola Electronics Taiwan, LTD Multi Q Products NEC Systems, Inc. NTK (HK) Ltd. Naim Audio Limited Nano Silicon PTE Ltd. Nike Electronic Corp. Nokia Display Products Oy Number Nine Visual Technologies Nvidia Corp. Ophit Co., Ltd Opticis Co., Ltd. Orient Power Multimedia Limited Philips Monitors Philips Semiconductors Pixel Fusion Ltd. Pixelworks, Inc. Plus Corporation Primare Systems AB Princeton Proxima PulseCore, Inc. Quantum Data RGB Spectrum Rainbow Displays Real 3D, Inc. Rohm Corporation, LTD Roxam Telecom Co., Ltd. S3, Incorporated SGI SIM2 Multimedia S.p.A. SMA Regelsysteme GmbH SP3D Chip Design, GmbH STMicroelectronics Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. Seiko Epson Corporation Sharp Corporation Shizuoka Pioneer Corporation Sigma Designs Silicon Communications Lab, Inc. Silicon Image, Inc. Silicon Magic Corporation Silicon Motion, Inc SmartASIC, Inc Sony Corporation Space Shuttle Hi-Tech Co., Ltd Stradis, Inc. Sure-Fire Electrical Corporation Suyin Corporation Systemation TAE McLaren Audio Ltd. TAG McLaren Audio, Ltd. TEAC Corporation TIME Interconnect Limited Ta Yun Terminals Industrial Co., Ltd Tai-Sol Electronics, Inc. Tech Source Inc. Texas Instruments Thine Electronics, Inc. Toshiba Corporation Total Technologies, Ltd. Trident Microsystems, Inc. Tyco Electronics U.S. Display Consortium, Inc. VIA Technologies, Inc. VMIC Inc. VSO Electric CO., LTD. Valence Semiconductor Van Koevering Company Victor Company of Japan, Limited ViewSonic Corporation Volex, Inc. Wieson Electronic CO., LTD Winbond Electronics Corp Wing-Span Enterprise Co., LTD Wing-Tech Enterprise Co., Ltd. Xerox Corporation Xicor, Inc. Yamaha Corporation