Presenting... THE ASSHOLE FILES!!

Coghlan's Assholes

    I contacted Coghlan's recently in the aim of purchasing survival gear such as reflective mylar survival blankets, whistles (for signaling, compasses and the like. There has been a HUGE response to my survival kit page. Many folks out there have been asking whether I would offer kits for sale, so I was looking into the possibility. So as to keep prices low, I contacted Coghlan's to inquire about case lot pricing on select items.

    Far from being happy about a new business opportunity, Mr. Coghlan himself refused on the basis that he didn't like my website... I guess his pussy started to hurt after seeing words like "asshole".

    Mr. Rob Coghlan emailed me (  ), stating (rather curtly), "I took a look at your site and I think we will pass."

    I called Mr.Coghlan directly, and he stated that he would rather not do business with a "site like mine". When I told him that I wasn't planning to claim any affiliation or even use his packaging, and was just looking to pack a few of his items in a kit I was building, he held firm, citing the "Asshole Files" portion of my website as the reason. When I told him that the bulk of traffic to and from the site was based on the survival section of the site, and that I was just trying to keep folks alive out there, he still refused. What kind of spineless, hypersensitive jerkoff operates a business this way?

   Oh well.... another spot earned here in the Asshole Files. I hope this page earns a good chunk of the half million hits per month that my site receives. It's just as well... upon further inspection of the goods at a local outdoors store, most of what Coghlan's sells is now made in China, and is hardly something I would trust my life to!