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The Brockton Public School System - Outrageously silly assholes

 Tuesday, February 7th, 2006

The Brockton, Massachusetts Public School system just suspended a 6 year old for "sexual harassment". School administrators claimed that the boy, who was sitting behind the girl at the time, placed his hand inside the waistband of the girl's pants, touching the skin on her back. That's it in a nutshell.

The boy's mother said that he was trying to get the girl's attention, and he says he touched her shirt. She also has raised him with no secular television, and only religious programming. ''He doesn't even know what that word 'sexual' is. I don't see how I'm going to explain it to him," she said. ''I can't. He's just too young for that."

The school's response was to launch a full-blown investigation, notify police and the Plymouth district attorney's office. The district attorney's response was that the boy is too young to be charged with any sexual crime no matter what happened. The school responded with the suspension.

The suspension has now ended, but the child's parents are now refusing to let their child return to that school.... no freakin' kidding! 

What kind of fucking wack-jobs is Brockton hiring anyways? Why do these people still have jobs?  They're not in hiding about this, or in any way incommunicado.... instead ... they're PROUD of their actions!!!

Brockton School officials have described their sexual harassment policy as "progressive" ... oh fuck! Where have I heard THAT word before? Next, Brockton officials refused to disclose which provision of the policy the boy violated.  ''This was done right by the book," said Cynthia E. McNally, a district spokeswoman. ''It's a situation within the parameters [of sexual harassment], and we're dealing with it within the parameters," said McNally.

I've got a new sweater for Ms. McNally... it's got really long sleeves...

Several polls have been taken, and all with the same predictable results... the people of Massachusetts think Brockton and its policies are full of shit.