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Arguing With Liberal Assholes

An answer to a reader's question...

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Sent: Saturday, October 13, 2007

Hello M40! I constantly find myself referring to your site to share your message about the ignorance of modern liberalism, but it seems that every time I use your site for right wing views, a few of my liberal friends begin counter-quoting off of liberal/media biased sites.

What can I do? I try telling them about some of what I’ve read on your site, but they insist that NONE of it is true! How should I respond, and how can I argue conservative views so as to overcome the brainwashing and bias imposed by the mainstream media? How do you argue with a liberal?!?



Arguing with liberals is a really tough proposition. I’ve engaged in many a debate with a large cross section of mainstream liberals. They'll quickly run out of facts and precedent, and it almost always ends with them calling me cruel, heartless, racist, fascist, or whatever other label they want to slap on me. None of them want to even hear a conservative viewpoint, nor do they really want to debate or learn anything different from their own viewpoint.

Liberals are largely unencumbered by burdensome hangups like history, facts or logic. This makes debate rather difficult because all their views are based almost entirely on how they FEEL, not that which is practical or realistic. This is often carried to the point of absurdity. In many cases, liberals will hold views that actually contradict their own views. Try and point out these obvious conflicts, and they resort to the aforementioned name-calling and slander. It’s a textbook liberal debate tactic.

The worst of the pack will pull “facts” and “statistics” out of their ass, made up on the spot in an attempt to counter your argument. How can you engage in any kind of mature and educated discourse with folks in that state of denial? This kind of intellectual dishonesty doesn’t bother most liberals. In their way of thinking, the end justifies the means, and they’ll resort to some incredible heights of spin and factual distortion to make a point. Remember that there's a certain level of self-delusion at which the deluded party will simply slip further and further into fantasy land to support their view. If you meet one of these folks, it's better to simply walk away... fast. Many of the 9-11 conspiracy theorists fall into this category.

Here is the single most important  factor that you need to keep in mind when dealing with liberals...

Most liberal viewpoints are about as detailed and profound as your average bumper sticker. “Stop Hunger”, “Free Tibet”, “Save the World” and other grandiose campaigns are far more complicated issues than they would ever care to explore. To a liberal, merely wearing the tee shirt or slapping on the bumper sticker means that they are somehow “helping”. In their eyes, the rest of us are “part of the problem”. As such, remember that the simple act of debating or disputing their views places you in their sights as "part of the problem". This is one of the main reasons for the contempt, hostility and outright vitriol that the liberal will throw in your direction.

Whatever their pet issue, the solution is usually that “we’re not doing enough”. Remember... by “we” they mean YOU. Typical liberal agendas involve the federal government stealing obscene amounts of money from you, and then pissing rainstorms of cash onto the “problem”. This solution has never worked in the history of the mankind, and in fact makes most problems bigger. This is because the bottom feeders of society (also liberals) then flock to take the money. The fact that their ideas don't work doesn’t concern liberals... they have the bumper sticker, and they truly believe they’re “helping”.

I now have approximately HALF of what I make confiscated in an infinite heap of taxes, fees, tolls and duties. The harder I work, the more the liberals want. If we examine our entire national fiscal history, the lower the tax rate, the better the economy, and the government actually takes in more money. At times when taxes are raised, the economy slows, and the government takes in less money. This doesn’t matter to liberals... don’t try to confuse them with facts and historical precedent. This is another case of them “feeling” that the hardworking folks among us should suffer and have any accrued wealth removed. Here's why...

In the overly simplistic liberal mindset, there is a fixed amount of wealth in the world, and we are all engaged in a zero-sum game of trading that same wealth back and forth. Therefore, if I have “too much”, a liberal assumes that it’s my fault that someone else has less. Essentially, if I take an extra slice of pizza, some unlucky jerk is left gnawing on the box. This is a naïve, almost childish view of the world, and shows a complete and utter ignorance of how basic economics work.

The fact is that wealth is NOT a zero-sum game. Wealth is CREATED every day through effort and ingenuity. It is in no way a static fixed pile that has to be shared. In simple terms, we can simply make more pizza. The ingredients of a pizza cost all of a dollar, but once combined in artful and knowledgeable proportions and then baked... VOILA... a $10 pizza is born! Ask a liberal if a painter should be forced to sell paintings for the exact cost of the paint and canvas, and the answer is, of course, NO WAY... (never mind that this is a perfect example of liberal views that contradict their own views).

The reality here is that an artist uses his/her skill and knowledge to create new wealth from little or nothing. Most of the world does this exact same thing each and every day. By combining raw ingredients in new and artful ways, we all make our own “art”, whether you make pizza, computers, automobiles or sex toys, you are adding new wealth to the pile. While this may seem like a simple proposition to most people, liberals just can’t seem to grasp it. Why is this?

Liberals are typically selfish, spoiled children. They want what other people have, but they don’t want to actually work for it. It’s much easier to throw tantrums and demand the “right” to share in what others have earned. Because of this outlook, most liberals bask in a perpetual state of imagined victimhood. Nothing is their own fault, and every woe in their life is caused by “society”... by “other people”... by “fat-cats” and “corporate greed”.

In the selfish liberal mindset, they only need to “feel” like they’re helping. They won't actually do any of the work or give part of their hard-earned wealth. It’s very rare to see a liberal dig into their own wallet (but keep your hands on your own wallet when in their presence!). They’ll always insist that “we” are not doing enough, and then sit back on their soapbox and feel good about themselves.

It's sad, but you'll never find a liberal who will suddenly have an epiphany and say, "Gosh... all my troubles seem to stem from the fact that I'm a lazy, Oprah-watching, couch potato who does nothing, produces nothing, and contributes nothing to society except snide remarks and veiled accusations about those who do all the work".

In closing, I’ll simply point out that trying to argue with the self-imposed ignorance, selfishness and childish naïveté of the modern liberal is about as intellectually rewarding as a conversation with the family dog.

Good luck,