Presenting... THE ASSHOLE FILES!!

The Anti-War Media Assholes  -  Listening to the media, one could easily get the idea that our military is being annihilated in a “Vietnam-like quagmire”, and that we’re losing the war on terror. They say that we’re simply losing too many soldiers and that we cannot sustain these losses. In short, they’ll say it’s “not worth it”.  Never mind that our soldiers are killing terrorist scumbags at a ratio of more than 100 terrorists to each man that we lose. Never mind that the 100:1 ratio is much preferable to that of 19 terrorists to 3500 New Yorkers. It will never be worth it to the left wing of this country. No ratio is good enough… EVEN WHEN IT CAN BE CLEARLY SHOWN THAT OUR SOLDIERS ARE SAFER THAN OUR CITIZENS BACK HOME….



According to the CDC, in the age group of 18-35, the United States yearly death rate (all causes) is approximately 200 per 100,000 of our population. (The death rates are actually almost twice this amount amongst males, BUT, we’ll stick with the lower figure to give the benefit of the doubt).

This 18-35 age group fairly accurately describes the bulk of the soldiers serving in the war on terror. For this exercise, we’ll discount the “old guys” (master sergeants, gunny’s, chiefs, etc etc). They have statistically higher death rates, but we’ll keep our numbers on the low side to be fair.

There has been an average of about 250,000 soldiers deployed overseas in this war effort. (most estimates are closer to 300,000, but again we’ll play it on the safe side rather than trying to augment our numbers just to make a point… I’ll leave fudging numbers to the Liberals). 

By the CDC's figures, if all of the troops had stayed here in the US, we would have lost approximately 500 per year, and we have been fighting this war for 4 years (since September 11th, 2001).  

According to the CDC (and my every attempt to keep this number low), if all the troops had stayed home, we would have a total of 2,000 deaths over those four years.

We have lost 1,900 servicemen as of the most recent figures I have seen.

Somehow, we have toppled two regimes and fought a grueling four-year war against an enemy who will gladly die in order to kill. We have done this overseas in some of the most rugged and dangerous territory the world has to offer… in deserts, mountains, caves, etc. And we have done it all with a safety record that is, at the very least, 5% safer than that enjoyed by the civilians here at home in the states.

There's no doubt about it... the war on terror is THE single most successful (and one-sided) war in the history of mankind.

    In closing, bravo to those who are serving, and a big F-You to agenda-driven media assholes everywhere !